Russian Youtuber Stas Reeflay Arrested Following Girlfriend's Livestream Death

A horrific incident caught on camera.

Stas Reeflay YouTube

Who is Stas Reeflay?

Reeflay is a 30-year-old Russian YouTuber whose full legal name is Stanislov Reshetnikov.

He was arrested on December 4th after allegedly torturing and abusing his pregnant girlfriend, Valentina Grigoryeva, until she died.

Keep reading for all the details behind this horrific, tragic incident.

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Reeflay was allegedly paid $1,000 by a Youtube viewer to hurt Grigoryeva in his livestream from a village near Moscow. He then allegedly forced her to go outside on the balcony in her underwear in sub-zero weather conditions.

She then reportedly died of hypothermia and if his involvement is proven, he could go to prison for up to fifteen years

While the stream was still live, Reeflay noticed that his girlfriend was dying and tried to revive her.

The camera caught him saying, “Valya, are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you? Valya! Valya! Damn, you look like you are dead. Bunny, come on … tell me something. I’m worrying. Damn … I don’t feel her heartbeat.” 


He told his viewers, “Guys … No pulse … she’s pale. She is not breathing.” 

The livestream even went on when he called an ambulance. Reeflay even begged her to wake up and told her “I love you!”

Paramedics then arrived and could be seen on the livestream pronouncing her dead. The broadcast allegedly went on two hours past her death. 

Reeflay has been abusive in past livestreams. 

Reeflay has displayed violence and abuse in previous live streams.

In an earlier livestream, he showered Grigoryeva with pepper spray repeatedly as she laid on the sofa. In the video, she keeps screaming and then gets up from his chair again to spray her as she gasps for her breath. She is left screaming and crying in pain as Reeflay drinks his alcohol and ignores her.


In most of his videos, he gets drunk with his girlfriend and friends in his Moscow home. He has even encouraged his friends to hit his girlfriend while livestreaming and one friend even smashes a plate of food over her head. 

Grigoryeva’s friends describe his streams as being “full of cruelty.”

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Stas Reeflay has been taken into police custody. 

On December 4, Reeflay was taken into police custody. He could get up to 15 years in prison if proven he was involved with her death.

The Russian Investigative Committee, the main federal investigating authority in Russia, states, “Information will also be checked about possible unlawful actions against the deceased by the young man in whose house the body was found.” 


An “urgent” investigation is going on to see if Reeflay broke other laws during the live stream.

Should YouTube have more restrictions?

Grioryeva’s death prompted viewers to plead  there should be an online “reality violence” ban. Currently, violence is unrestricted on YouTube and even children can view disturbing videos like Reeflay’s. 

Liza Lazerson, a feminist activist, has spoken out against YouTube for “prohibiting the spread of nipples but showing scenes of violence and cruelty against women without problems.” 

She adds, “The woman dies on air — and the audience sends donations to the killer. This must stop. Such videos are calmly broadcast to the whole world, meaning something is broken. Until this is fixed, censorship is necessary.”


YouTube responded to the horrific video and made a statement saying, “We’re shocked to learn of this tragic incident. This kind of graphic content is not acceptable on YouTube.”

Reeflay’s account has now been terminated.

Reeflay has not yet commented on the incident.

Currently, Reeflay has not yet commented on any part of the incident.


We will continue to update this article as the investigation continues.

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