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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Natalie Palamides, Comedian Starring In Netflix’s ‘Nate'

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Natalie Palamides as Nate

Another day, another Netflix comedy special, and hey — we’re not mad about it at all!

Nate — A One Man Show, which stars actress Natalie Palamides and is directed by none other than comedy legend and Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler, hits the streaming platform on Dec. 1, but fans and critics alike have been talking about the highly anticipated special for quite some time now.

Palamides stars as the titular character in the special, who is an “alpha male learning to express emotion and understand the rules of consent” and a “stereotypical masculine man just trying to be better.”

While Nate is surely set to be a new comedy classic, we’re curious to learn more about the actress behind the persona.

Who is Natalie Palamides?

Here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about the rising comedian starring in Netflix’s Nate.

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1. She’s a writer.

Natalie Palamides has a few writing credits on her IMDb page, including the shorts Life Above Ground and Minor Alterations. She also served as a writer on an episode of The UCB Show and an episode of Two Pink Doors.

2. She’s a popular voiceover actor.

Palamides voices the character of Buttercup on The Powerpuff Girls, and is ever-thankful for her long-running gig.

“I'm really lucky, they give me the financial freedom to create these [live] shows,” Palamides said in an interview

“Without voice acting I wouldn't have... well, I'd probably figure out a way to do it. It definitely makes me more relaxed about it, I can really focus on my art,” she added.

3. Natalie Palamides is seriously stylish.

While Palamides is often dressed in character for her show(s), off the stage, she has some seriously cool style, as demonstrated below.

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4. She’s a fan of the great outdoors.

One scroll through her Instagram account will show you that Natalie loves to spend time outside, and activities like skiing and hiking seem to be some of her favorite ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

5. She’s a Pennsylvania native.

According to her UCB bio, Natalie is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

6. She says she’s uncoordinated.

In an interview, Palamides revealed that she is super-clumsy.

When asked what’s the most dangerous thing she’s ever done, she responded, “Anything on wheels. I'm very uncoordinated."

"I've fallen off a hillside and a brick wall while riding a bicycle... for some reason, this hasn't stopped me from putting a two-wheeled vehicle into my show," she added.

7. She started playing the role of Nate in 2016.

Palamides revealed that she started workshopping the character of Nate in 2016. She started off by doing a ten-minute bit with his character, and it went so well, that she wanted to play him for a full hour.

“I did a ten-minute piece and it went so well, that I told Phil 'I wanna do Nate for a full hour.' And so at first I was exploring masculinity, and what it meant to be a man in 2017, 2018,” she said.

8. She always knew she wanted to be a comedian.

Since she was young, she’s been well-aware of the power that comedy holds.

“As a kid I was always the class clown, at 10 or 11 my aunt asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I said "comedian,’” she shared. 

“She said, “Don't you want to do something that helps people? Doctor, teacher?’ and I said, ‘Laughing helps people.’ And she said, ‘That's right.’”

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