15 Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Everyone On Your Shopping List

We're here to make your holiday a little less stressful!

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This has been a year full of distance and Facetimes in place of gatherings and hugs. 

It’s hard to not be able to be with everyone you love, especially around the holidays. It can be hard to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones in a normal year, let alone one where every relationship you have might be long-distance.

To take some stress off your plate so you can focus on what’s really important, here are a few ideas for the best long-distance relationship gifts for everyone on your shopping list.


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Gifts For Friends

1. Long-Distance jewelry

Consider getting your bestie a beautiful necklace or bracelet that represents your bond, no matter how far away you happen to be.


Customized just for you two, not only is it beautiful, but it’s also sentimental. Looking down at the matching jewelry will remind you both that you are together even when you are apart.

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.

2. "I Miss Your Face" candle

i miss your face candle long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon

These candles are a sure way to put a smile on your friend’s face, while also ensuring their room smells amazing.


Choose a scent you know they’ll love and ensure they think of you whenever they smell it. This is the perfect affordable and practical gift that tells your friend how much you love them.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

3. Friendship lamps

friendship lamp long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon

Friendship lamps are a great way to feel connected to your friends in real-time. All you (or they) have to do is touch the lamp and the opposite lamb begins to glow.


This is an adorable way to not only let your friend know you are thinking of them but to show them as well.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

Gifts For Mom

4. Long-Distance art

Give your mom something beautiful to hang on her wall with long-distance art.

There are a ton of artists out there who make various styles and sizes of this idea, making it easy to find the style you know your mom will love.

This is a beautiful visual representation of your relationship and how nothing will come between you.

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.

5. Long-Distance mug

Every time your mom has her morning coffee, she will be reminded of you and your wonderful gift-giving skills with a long-distance mug.


Similar to the art, there are a ton of different versions of this idea so you will definitely find the perfect fit. This will be her new favorite mug on the shelf for sure!

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.

6. "Why I Miss You" book

why i miss you book long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon

For anyone who wants to really let their mom know just how much you miss her and all the reasons why, try the Why I Miss You book.


Fill out the prompts with personalized info and comments to let her know just how much you appreciate her.

This is something that she can look back at whenever she misses you a little extra.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

Gifts For Dad

7. A luggage set

This gift is perfect for a practical dad and is both a gift and a promise. Encourage him to come visit you (whenever it is safe) by getting him some stylish new luggage.

This gift shows you care and are looking forward to seeing him again, all while giving him something he can really use.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

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8. A time zone watch

two time zone watch long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon

For a dad who likes to check up on you (or maybe just can’t remember that 5 p.m. for him is 11 p.m. for you), consider this watch that displays two time zones!

Get him ready to say goodbye to his old watch with this stylish and practical gift that will remind him of you whenever he checks the time.


Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

9. Stitch Fix subscription

For those dads out there who maybe need a little help in the fashion department, or maybe those who just love clothes, this subscription will keep the holidays going forever!

Stitch Fix delivers monthly personalized boxes with specific pieces tailored to his style and needs. Your dad will not only be looking incredibly stylish next Christmas, but he will also think of you every time he sees that box on his front step.

Gifts For Siblings

10. A Homesick Candle

homesick candle long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon


These candles are perfect for a sibling who lives far away and can’t come back for the holidays. Give them the scent of home with these sentimental candles.

Smelling fantastic is just one of the perks! Your sibling will love this thoughtful (and practical) gift!

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

11. Distance map art

This map art is a cute and simple way to remind your sibling how much you love them, no matter how far you are or when you last talked.

This small gift can be hung anywhere and is a personal way for them to decorate their space. Your sibling will think of you whenever they look at it (and be reminded to answer your last text!).

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.


12. Matching t-shirts

For some humor in your holiday, consider these funny matching T-Shirts. These shirts will lighten the mood and remind you of that sibling banter and bond that distance doesn’t diminish.

Remind them who’s the best with this great and fun gift!

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.


Gifts For Your Partner

13. Bond touch bracelets

bond touch bracelet long distance gift ideaPhoto: Amazon

The perfect gift to feel close to your significant other, touch this bracelet whenever you want them to know you’re missing them. The bracelet will light up, bringing a smile to their face.

These unique bracelets are ideal for long-distance couples who want to interact in new ways, not just texting and Snapchat. Your partner will adore this thoughtful gift!


Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

14. Long-Distance envelopes and note cards

Bring old-fashioned romance back with this wonderful gift of envelopes and note cards. You and your love can exchange personal and heartfelt notes that will be treasured for years to come.

Texting is great but nothing beats a handwritten letter.

Check prices and reviews on Etsy.

15. "Hug This" pillow case

This pillow is ideal for anyone having a hard time with a long-distance relationship and would give anything to just hug their partner.

Cuddly and fun, this gift will remind your partner that you are with them even when you aren’t physically together. Add it to your cart today!


Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

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