4 Safe, Pandemic-Aware Winter Vacation Ideas

It is possible!

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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this has been a bad year for vacations: reservations have been canceled, hotels booked and rebooked a million times, and plans changed every other day.

It is a difficult time to plan any sort of travel as things across the world continuously evolve, but there are some winter vacation ideas that'll get you out of the house while keeping you and others safe.

Safe Winter Vacation Ideas

For anyone needing some sort of break from the ordinary, getting antsy with their frequent flyer miles sitting stagnant, or who simply wants to distract themselves in a healthy way, here are safe, pandemic-aware winter vacation ideas.


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1. Camp in your car.

Depending on where you live, it may be a little too cold to camp outdoors this winter.

Camping in your car is a great socially distant alternative to the typical tent camping, and it still provides that outdoorsy feel.


Whether you drive to your local campground or perhaps somewhere completely new, camping in your car is a fun way to change up your daily routine without crowds or flights.

Who says you can’t become one with nature from the comfort of your warm vehicle? 

2. Book a private vacation rental.

A safer alternative to hotels, booking a private vacation rental is a viable option for anyone wanting to travel this winter.

You can go where you want knowing the owners are working hard to keep everything as safe as possible and cleaning everything between uses.

Even if all you do is stay inside and curl up by the fire, it will feel special and new because it’s not the home fireplace you’ve been staring at for the past year.


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3. Rent an RV.

For the adventurers out there who’ve been struggling, try renting an RV. It is a great way to see some sights and explore different areas, all while staying in your own bubble.

There is plenty of beautiful winter scenery to see this time of year and this is the perfect way to be able to see it safely. 

Make sure you check travel restrictions and guidelines before you go on your way.

4. Stay in a cabin.

Finally, for anyone wanting to get away for some peace and quiet, consider renting a private cabin this winter.

Picture yourself in a cozy cabin in the mountains, surrounded by nothing but nature and snow.


Renting a cabin is a great way to enjoy the cold weather in a picturesque environment.

Bring some tea and books for a perfectly peaceful pandemic-friendly winter getaway.

Be sure to check for local travel restrictions as well as the restrictions of the place you want to visit for updated information and guidelines. 

How to Stay Safe While Traveling

No matter what type of vacation you decide to take this winter, it's important to follow up-to-date guidelines and take extra precautions to keep both you and the people you may come into contact with safe.

Get tested for COVID-19.

The best thing you can do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to get tested before heading out anywhere so you can be sure that you're not contributing to the spread of the virus.


Even if you're not experiencing any symptoms, it's better to err on the safe side.

Pack extra masks.

You never know when you might drop a mask or accidentally leave one behind, so it's always smart to have extras on-hand. 

Bring hand sanitizer and wipes.

Have enough hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes on hand to last you the whole trip.


Follow local rules.

Every state (and from there, every city) has different COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Know ahead of time what to expect where you're going and act accordingly.

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