10 Things You Never Knew About Lottie Moss, Kate Moss's Younger Sister

Lottie Moss has a very famous sister!

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Lottie Moss is the little sister of international supermodel, Kate Moss. 

Though Kate is only her half-sister, the two share a dad but have separate moms.

Lottie's mother is the former model, Inger Moss. Lottie was born in the United Kingdom but also has a home in LA.

The little Moss has become one of England's leading models with her Instagram reaching over 300k followers. 

The young Londoner made waves as she announced that she's pansexual on her Instagram Q&A last Monday, November 18, 2020. 


Who is Lottie Moss?

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Lottie Moss's real name is Charlotte.

Lottie is a nickname set up for her given name, Charlotte. 

Lottie Moss is a leading British model.

Lottie Moss made her entrance into modeling by appearing on the cover of the Vogue Paris May 2016 issue.


Given her status on a thee fashion bible magazine, Lottie was dubbed "one to watch" within the industry.

Since then, Lottie has been a part of runways for big brands like Chanel and Sonia Rykiel and has become the campaign model for Chanel eyewear and TopShop.

Within a few short years of her Vogue Paris cover debut, the young model landed myriad covers and editorials.

Lottie Moss is a Capricorn.

Lottie Moss was born on January 9, 1998, making her a Capricorn.


The young model is only 22 years old and was born in London, England.

She doesn't have a college degree.

After she graduated high school Lottie Moss decided not to further her education, and the decision was not made lightly.

Moss revealed in an interview that, "Not going to university was a very big decision for me and one that I had to consider carefully, and with my parents. All my friends pretty much went to university, and this made my decision harder. In the end, I had to acknowledge the fact that this wasn’t the right thing for me. My modeling career was taking off and I wanted to build on that and focus on developing my projects within the fashion industry."

Lottie Moss's siblings are also models.

Lottie Moss has two siblings.


Her incredibly famous supermodel sister Kate Moss and her former model brother Nick Moss.

Lottie Moss recently came out as pansexual.

Last Monday, Lottie Moss held a Q&A on Instagram live, which is no longer available to view, where she answered several questions from her fans.

One fan asked if she was more comfortable to be in a relationship with a girl and Lottie responded, “Well, I’m pansexual, so I don’t really mind any gender. It kind of changes every day and depends on who I meet.”

She also revealed on the live video that she would feel most uncomfortable to be with a man which is a statement that has her joining the club of Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne.


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Lottie Moss has the same name as an interior designer.

Lottie Moss, the British-born model, has the same name as an interior designer and author from Richmond, Va.


Charlotte Moss is of no relation to the young model, but the two do share the same name.

She received the Elle Décor Vision Award in 2009 and was the recipient of the Timeless Design Award from the Royal Oak Foundation in 2010. She has written a total of 10 books.

Likely the reason she goes by Lottie, not Charlotte.

Her favorite color is pink.

She apparently adores the color so much she dyed her hair pink several times.

She also posted this photo to her Instagram that shows the model in a pink bikini and wig.

The caption read, "I wish everything was always pink" which was followed by every single pink emoji there is. 

Lottie Moss has tattoos.

Lottie Moss has at least seven tattoos that can be seen in her photos from Instagram.


The famous "Not yours" tattoo she has on her backside Lottie revealed was due to one of her ex-boyfriends, “My ex-boyfriend really p***ed me off so I got a tattoo that said, ‘Not yours’, to say, ‘F*** you,’ to him and now we’re broken up.”

Who is Lottie Moss's boyfriend?

Lottie Moss has been linked to Alex Mytton and Sam Prince within the last few years.

She's allegedly currently dating the I'm A Celebrity star Roman Kemp now. 

Lottie Moss's net worth is $80 million.


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