Aubrey O'Day Alleges Donald Trump Jr. Did Drugs When They Were Dating

O'Day spills the tea.

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You may know Aubrey O’Day as a singer-songwriter and reality television personality and for being part of the girl group Danity Kane. 

You may also know Aubrey O’Day because had an illicit affair with Donald Trump Jr. while he was still married to Vanessa Trump — and now she's spilling all the tea.

O’Day and Don Jr. met in 2005 on the set of Celebrity Apprentice when she was a contestant on the show. At the time, Don Jr. was married to his wife, Vanessa Trump, and had a secret affair with O’Day behind his wife’s back. 


They were secretly seeing each other from the end of 2011 until March 2012.  

The ex-lover of Don Jr. is now spilling a ton of tea about his tryst with the Presiden't son — and she isn't holding back.

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Amid her claims, O’Day alleges Trump Junior doesn’t like his father. 

Aubrey O’Day has stated that Don Jr. loathes his father, Donald Trump.

On November 4, O’Day took to Twitter saying:

O’Day also alleges Ivanka Trump is a secret lesbian. 

Aubrey O’Day has since deleted the Tweet but in it, she said, “Since Trump has now lowered this debate to trashing family… don jr HATES his father. Ivanka is a lesbian on the low. Eric fucked miss universe on the apprentice board room table while with his now wife. #Debates2020” 


Screenshots are forever, Aubrey.

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O’Day alleges Don Junior did a lot of drugs when they were together.

O’Day also took to Twitter to tell fans that she and Donald Trump Junior did a lot of drugs together when they were dating, however, she made a point to mention that they didn’t do cocaine together.


When fans speculated that Don Jr. was strung out on cocaine, O’Day commented, “I mean he’s either on serious adderall or conflicted inside. He doesn’t look well...for awhile now.”

A fan then said “Now I love Aubrey for days...she’s been a celebrity for 15 years now, that is NOT adderall lol.”

O’Day then responded to the fan with:

Did Aubrey O'Day sign an NDA?

Aubrey O’Day leaked a lot of scandalous information in her tweet storm and it left fans wondering if she had to sign a Trump non-disclosure agreement. 


Her response?

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