Aubrey O'Day Spills The Tea On Why Don Trump Jr. Secretly Loathes His Father

The tea is piping hot, y'all.

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Aubrey O’Day is at it again.

The former Danity Kane singer, who had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. in 2012 after they met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, took to Twitter on Nov. 4 to divulge some more juicy information about the Trump family.

Earlier in October, O’Day tweeted out a multitude of accusations and secrets about the Trump family, including that Ivanka Trump is a “lesbian on the low,” Barron threw a plate of food he didn’t like at a flight attendant on his private plane, and that Don Jr. hated his father.


And now, it looks like she’s doubling down on that last allegation.

Aubrey O’Day on why Don Trump Jr. hates his father:

When asked by a fan if Don Jr. hates his father, Aubrey O’Day replied by saying, “Yes. Hours upon hours. I know it all.” 

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While she didn’t elaborate on the details in that tweet, a few of her other tweets have pointed to some of the reasons why Don Jr. actually can’t stand Donald Trump.

Don Jr. was hungry for power.

Replying to a photo of Don Jr. hunting endangered animals for sport, Aubrey wrote, “Awe. He was so brilliant and courageous when I loved him. He became everything he feared and hated for some power.. I hurt for him. And also, f*** their entire family.”

“This is the saddest part about jr.,” one fan replied. “I’m sure he was greatful [sic] to have had a bond with someone, anyone & he threw it all away to pledge his last speck of self respect to the  sperm donor that never gave a damn about him & only uses him to prop up his fake family dynasty.”

The tweet reply had two likes, and Aubrey O’Day was one of them. 


Perhaps Don Jr. was so hungry for power and acceptance from his dad that he gave up everything he had to try and please him — and in turn, can't stand him because of it.

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Is Aubrey O’Day writing a tell-all book about the Trump family?

That’s what fans are hoping.


When a fan asked O’Day, “How many NDAs did they force you to sign?” she replied, “He loved me as his soulmate lol..I have no NDAs.”

“So what are you waiting for, a book deal? The highest bidder? Lol come on sis…” one fan replied, while another wrote, “Write a book. About everything! You! Your life! Danity Kane! Puff. The industry. Trump! New York best seller!!”

When did Aubrey O’Day and Don Jr. have an affair?

Aubrey O’Day and Don Jr. had an affair in 2012 after meeting on the set of Celebrity Apprentice. Don Jr. was married to Vanessa Trump at the time.

And although rumors of the pair’s tryst were all over headlines at the time, O’Day revealed that no one had asked her about the truth until a year ago, and that’s when she came clean about the whole ordeal.


In an interview, she also revealed that she’d never get back together with him because of the person he’s become.

“I think he closed the chapter when he went the direction that he did,” she said. “He’s chosen to be in the life that he’s in now and be the person that he is now, and that’s not the person that I fell in love with.”

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