What To Do When A Pisces Ignores You

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What To Do When A Pisces Ignores You

Born between February 19 - March 20, Pisces zodiac signs are known to escape life's problems.

So, when you are ignored by a Pisces, don't take it personally. It's likely not you, but the situation.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and an emotional water sign and not one to be vindictive.

If they feel emotionally wounded, they may retreat into their introverted world shutting out the people around them, particularly whoever hurt them.

To say that being ignored by a Pisces does not feel good is an understatement.

It usually comes from a place of emotional pain rather than anger or pettiness, and Pisces is a sign of love.

No one likes to think that a person is hurt when it's a misunderstanding.

You want to get a Pisces to stop ignoring you as soon as possible to turn a promising situation around, especially when it's not out of hate, but love.

It isn’t very difficult to thaw the cold shoulder of Pisces.

They are born during the final phase of winter, so defrosting is a part of their nature.

Furthermore, Pisces is represented by two koi fish forever encircling each other.

In fact, the story behind the Pisces astrological glyph demonstrates their sensitive nature.

The mythology behind this symbol is the two love gods Aphrodite and Eros disguise themselves as the koi fish to hide from a sea monster.

Being represented by two love gods inclines Pisces towards wanting relationships and love.

They do not want to cut people out of their lives forever.

The most important thing is knowing how to break down Pisces’ icy exterior when they are provoked to ignore.

So, if you're being shut out, ghosted or completely avoided by a Pisces, understanding their personality is the first thing you can do.

But there are other things to get a Pisces back into your life.

Here's what to do when a Pisces ignores you, per astrology:

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1. Apologize.

First and foremost, apologize for whatever part you may have played in the situation that pushed Pisces away.

Pisces will appreciate your humility and vulnerability by doing so.

Apologizing does not mean that you are admitting to being the sole offender, but in taking part of the blame Pisces will feel more willing to admit to their faults as well.

Pisces does not want to feel shamed or blamed for their emotions.

By accepting their reaction and taking responsibility, you invite Pisces into a cathartic discussion and back into your life.

2. Ask to hear their side of the story.

Prompting Pisces to share their perspective on the matter allows for them to express their feelings and opens a discussion instead of accepting separation.

Pisces will appreciate the welcome emotional outlet.

When a Pisces ignores you it could be because they do not feel like you want to hear their side of the story.

So explicitly say that you do will prompt them to begin to share and work through things.

Another possibility is that Pisces was not yet ready to express how they feel.

They could need time for reflection because Pisces tend to be introverted.

Perhaps after some time on their own, Pisces will be more willing to communicate.

They could have expressed their feelings through some sort of art that they could then share with you.

3. Do something sweet for them.

Pisces are emotional, and they prefer to communicate more abstractly.

Their opposite planet is Mercury, the god of communication, so verbal communication does not come very easily to Pisces.

Doing a kind gesture for Pisces is a way to express how sorry you feel.

Show how much you care about them without making them uncomfortable with a lengthy conversation.

These gestures could be a gift that they like.

You can give something that takes care of them, like a meal.

You can offer help. For example, ask if you can fix whatever problem that made them ignore you in the first place.

The latter option would be the most effective and meaningful to the Pisces.

It shows that you don’t want to hurt them in the same way again.

It lets them see that they would no longer have a reason to be ignoring you.

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4. Offer a new solution.

Pisces may have a solution in their head to the issue that you may not agree with.

Your unwillingness to do as they want may have been the thing that alienated Pisces from you.

A way around this is by offering a compromise or a different solution to the problem.

Pisces is a mutable zodiac sign, so they are very adaptable.

Ignoring you is not done out of stubbornness, but out of feeling optionless or hopeless.

Showing Pisces that there is another way to get past the problem could bring them peace in a way they hadn’t thought of before.

Adaptive Pisces will be open to hearing new possibilities especially because they prefer to keep their loved ones over cutting them off.

5. Cry with them.

Sometimes all a Pisces needs is to be shown some vulnerability and emotion.

This is their strong suit, and sharing your emotions with them will make them empathize with you.

Pisces can be pegged as irrational especially by signs of different elements.

In expressing your feelings and displaying vulnerability, Pisces will feel more okay with how strong their feelings are.

Instead of hiding from you to express themself in private, they will stop ignoring you and open up.

Sharing a good cry with them is an abstract language that Pisces understands.

It shows them that they are not the only one who is hurt by what happened or by not having each other in your lives anymore.

This can be a wonderful way to invoke healing to a relationship with a Pisces.

And, perhaps even get them to stop ignoring you.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.