What Makes Virgo Annoying?

Perfectionist equals problems.

What Makes Virgo Annoying? VGstockstudio/Shutterstock.com

Virgos are known for their willingness to improve and how they always strive for perfection.

This seems like a good thing, right?

Yes, but it might actually be what makes Virgo annoying.

What makes Virgo annoying?

From their high standards to their need to have things just so, many zodiac signs have difficulty understanding this horoscope sign's personality.

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Virgos season starts August 23rd and ends September 22nd, making Virgos an earth sign.

Earth signs are stable and loyal in nature, but this doesn’t exclude the Virgo from having a few annoying traits as well.

Here’s what can make a Virgo annoying, based on personality traits and astrology:

1. Virgos are perfectionists.

Virgos are sticklers about pretty much everything and need things to be a certain way.

While this is helpful for them, it might be a little annoying for everyone else.

They often project this mentality onto others and expect them to be perfectionists as well.

If you don’t exhibit this personality trait already, this will drive you crazy.


2. They are too rigid.

Virgos love to stick with the facts and basic logic, but this leaves little room for imagination.

If you’re someone who likes to dream big without consequences, it might get a little frustrating having a Virgo around.

They will answer all of your comments with factual statements and statistics. Ugh as if.

3. Virgos are control freaks.

This goes hand in hand with their perfectionism and probably comes as no surprise.

Virgos feel that they have to be in control of EVERY situation, big or small.

This can lead to others feeling like they are getting bossed around for no reason.

Obviously, that makes for a great deal of annoyance.


Feel free to tell them when to back off as they probably don’t realize they are being controlled.

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They're way, too predictable.

Virgos are all about their daily routine, but maybe too much.

They can’t stand to be out of their comfort zone and spontaneity is simply not an option.

This proves to be annoying if you like to go with the flow rather than the routine.

4. They are overly organized.

Virgos keep things obsessively organized and clean.

While this may seem like a good thing you may feel different if you end up with a Virgo roommate.


They can’t stand to have anything even slightly out of place and will become upset if they see you’ve moved something.

5. They are uptight.

A Virgo has a hard time relaxing enough to let loose.

They are a bit stiff and can’t unwind unless all of their responsibilities have been attended to.

This can be annoying because you may feel like you can never get the Virgo in your life to do anything fun.

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