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Is Tom Holland On TikTok? An Investigation

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It’s the lingering question on everyone’s mind: Is Tom Holland on TikTok?

Plenty of stars use the popular social media platform, and their accounts range from very active to empty.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Justin Bieber (to name a few!) all have official TikTok accounts where they interact with fans and create fun videos for their audience.

Given the platform’s popularity, it’s no wonder celebrities are joining in on the fun.

However, sometimes it can be hard to know if your favorite celebrities’ accounts are real or just a fan doing a really good job pretending to be them.

One such celebrity, of course, is Tom Holland.

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Is Tom Holland on TikTok?

The official answer, sadly, is no — but it's a little bit complicated.

There are plenty of fan accounts dedicated to the actor that have amassed thousands of followers, which has led people to question whether or not one of these accounts is actually real.

People are not sure if it is really him, as the content seems so realistic and impossible for a fan to be able to create.

Some fans have even been using livestream content that Tom has done in the past to create their TikToks, making the accounts seem more real.

One such account is @tomhollland96, which has so far amassed over 700,000 followers. 


Reply to @madara.offical

To make things even messier, these accounts will occasionally call each other out for being fake. 

For example, @tholland1997 (which has over one million followers) frequently comments on @tomhollland96's posts claiming to be the only "official" Tom Holland Tiktok account.

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Perhaps the best part about these Tom Holland TikTok accounts aren't the videos themselves, but the comments from fans trying to decipher whether or not the accounts are actually Holland.

Much of the confusion around Tom Holland’s TikTok accounts come from Musical.ly and it’s absorption by TikTok. 

Holland reportedly had a Musical.ly account before it was rebranded to TikTok in 2018, so the idea of him creating an account on the new platform isn't all that far-fetched..

As of now, Tom Holland is sadly not on TikTok but you never know when he could suddenly get the urge to dance to WAP in front of an audience (he is a fantastic dance after all!).

Until that day, we will just have to enjoy the plethora of other verified celebrities and their TikTok content.

How to tell if a celebrity's account is real 

TikTok does do what it can to help fans know which celebrity accounts are real. 

Like many other social media sites, the platform provides verification badges on accounts that have been confirmed.

A blue checkmark appears next to the account name to help users decide who to follow.

If there is no checkmark, the account has not been verified and it has not been confirmed if the account belongs to the celebrity.

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