How To Demystify Evil For Peace Of Mind

The higher self observes and holds space for the soul to return home.

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What is evil? Most of us are familiar with the term, but have you ever wondered what evil really is?

Does evil have a mind of its own? Can it take over a person's world? Is evil the opposite of God? Is an evil part of an unavoidable karmic experience? Is each of us capable of committing evil?

So many questions swirl around a word that has the potential to stop you in your tracks. 

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Often, the word "evil" is used when someone is experiencing fear or wanting others to experience fear. How convenient it is to learn an evil force will rise if you fail to obey. 

You might have been cautioned to avoid something or someone because they are evil. This word is used both lightheartedly and in very serious tones.

Interestingly, evil is similar to love; they both cover a huge territory of implication while evoking powerful feelings.

Allow me to demystify evil.

First, part with the idea that evil is only a word. Evil is connected to fear. Both evil and fear have no power until you welcome them into your world and give them power.


The next step is to recognize that we all come with different ideas of "good" and "bad."

For example, one person may see the act of sharing an Easter dinner consisting of lamb as a sacred and beautiful experience. Another person may find this horrible.

An animal was killed so that a family could eat its flesh. Some will find evil in this story; others will find peace.

Evil, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Truthfully, if you're harming no one and nothing, evil shall never cross your mind.

Practice tending to your thoughts. If something doesn't feel good, don't allow it to reside in your mind and world.

One of my recent meditations illustrated how our soul gravitates toward particular journeys and experiences over multiple lifetimes. This vision inspired me to explore why people seemingly create life experiences, even when they contain what some would call "evil."


Imagine yourself in a state of awareness just before fully waking up from sleep. Your thoughts might be focused on your last dream. Maybe you are not yet fully aware of your physical form. You may even drift in and out of multiple dreams.

This can be a delicious experience. Eventually, you remember who you are and the body you are in.

What if your soul decides to explore more possibilities before returning to your current physical self?

Imagine your soul suspended in the middle of a light blue circle. The circle offers openings along with the interior. Your soul can easily peer into the open spaces. Some of these entrances have energy and light that is very enticing.


A magnetic pull invites your soul to something new and liberating. Your soul has the free will to decide if it will enter a doorway, or just observe from afar.

Each soul is an extension of a higher self.

Intuitively, your soul understands that every doorway acts as a vortex that will lead to a particular life journey. Every experience will help you understand compassion and love in a deeper way.

There will be an energetic imprint that changes your soul. Your soul decides to rest and enjoy the buoyancy of the in-between world, or learn another life lesson.

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Ultimately, the lessons will help us understand humanity and the universe on a much greater scale. They lead to the completion of self or enlightenment.


The higher self observes and holds space for the soul to return home.

My meditation also showed me how space each stand-in has access to the entire universe.

To better visualize this, imagine a circle expanding into a cylindrical shape. This cylinder has the ability to reach and stretch into the shape of a helix or DNA strand. The same DNA is held in each of our cells, even as we stand in the middle of the helix.

You contain every possible experience in your soul, higher-self, and chosen bodies. You're filled with and surrounded by pure potential.

We are all taking part in a journey of self-discovery and naturally seek the truth.

Perhaps it's the energy of your soul that gives life to your dreams. In return, your dreams provide memories that guide you to live in the most compassionate way.


We have all done good and bad things. 

I believe it's safe to say that each of us has taken part in something that could be considered wrong, bad, or even evil. Each of us has also taken part in many acts of kindness and love.

The gift of this moment is knowing you get to choose your beliefs and actions.

You have free will to decide what to experience.

Eternity holds an incredible feeling of nothing good or bad; everything is balanced and whole. Each time your soul awakens and decides to come back in your body, you're committed to learning a lesson.


You have the free will to live a life without evil and fear.

Evil is a completely man-made concept. 

Choose your thoughts, words, and actions with care. There is no room for fear or evil in a place of unlimited potential, love, and wholeness. Your true self rests in unlimited potential.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." — Dalai Lama

Many people are experiencing the world in a way that releases memories and activates their potential of guiding others into a peaceful and compassionate life. You have to discover on your own the potential for harm and loss before you have the wisdom to help lead others to safety.

You have to understand on a vibrational level how pain and suffering contrast with love and completion before you claim to love.


It is safe to release trauma and live a life experiencing wholeness and oneness with the divine.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach, and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via an intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions. For more information, visit her website.