Leandra Medine's 'Man Repeller' Site Shutting Down — Who's Her Husband?

She's not a man repeller anymore.

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Leandra Medine is an author, blogger, and comedy writer. She's 31 years old and was born on December 20, 1988, making her a Sagittarius. 

She's best known for her unusual fashion, writing the book Man Repeller and creating a hit fashion and lifestyle website by the same name.  

However, Medine just announced that Man Repeller will be shutting down.

The fashion icon announced the sad news on a Zoom call to her employees on Monday, October 19, citing financial issues and offering severance packages.


In June, she announced she would “step back” after getting backlash over the company’s lack of diversity and the way Black and POC staff members were treated.

Medine is a powerful woman in the fashion world, but who is her husband?

Who is Leandra Medine’s husband, Abraham 'Abie' Cohen?

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According to his LinkedIn, Abraham J. Cohen is a financial advisor at UBS financial services.

He also goes by the nickname Abie. His birthdate is not disclosed but his age is around 34, which makes him three years older than Leandra.



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How long have Leandra Medine and Abie Cohen been together? 

Leandra and Abie, who are both Jewish, met when she was 17 years old.


In December 2011, she announced her engagement to him on her website. A lot of readers were surprised to find out that she was in a relationship because prior to that, she didn’t publicky discuss her relationship with Cohen. 

The couple first met at a Halloween party while Medine was attending Yeshiva Day School and Cohen was at New York University. They ended up finding each other on social media following the party.

Medine says, "Facebook was like our own personal J-Date. [A Jewish dating site.] He saw a photo of me in an album of a friend of mine whom he was dating, and he friended me."

They couple ended up messaging each other back and forth on Facebook and then eventually went on a first date at lunch spot Via Quadronno. They entered into a relationship following the date. 


Leandra and Abie apparently broke up and got back together so many times that while they were broken up, Cohen ran into Medine while she was on a date with someone else.

Medine recalled the moment saying, "[Abie] texted me, 'That physically hurt,' We got back together the next day."

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Abie Cohen and Leandra Medine wedding's was at the St. Regis in NY.

The couple got engaged in December 2011 when she was 23.

She recalls the moment when she walked down the aisle, “When they handed me over to Abie, my dad said ‘Good luck’ as if he really needed it. Abie responded, ‘I’ll take all the luck I can get,’ as if he really needed it. That was that."


Abie Cohen and Leandra Medine's twins keep them busy.

The couple are parents to two twin girls, named Laura and Madeline.

Mdeine announced her pregnancy on her website in November 2017. In that same post, she discussed her fertility problems and prior miscarriage.

She wrote, “My road was freckled with fangs that threw me off course so many time  but perspective wants me to tell you that I don’t regret it, that I wasn’t actually thrown off-course. That was my course. This is my course.” 


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Leandra Medine's nursery is #nurserygoals.

Medine partnered with Bed, Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby to create a cute Parisian-themed nursery. The couple even put a mural of a fFench sidewalk on the walls of the room.


The color scheme of the room was pale pink and egg-white. They also put a daybed in the room so that Dad and Mom could comfortably watch the twins in their oval-shaped cribs. 

Where do Abie and Leandra live?

Cohen and Medine have an apartment in New York, at the intersection of SoHo and Chinatown, where they've lived for almost three years.

Medine said of her home, “I hope you’ll see me part-naked in an over-caffeinated tizzy, dancing around the great room with my daughters one at a time. On a regular weekend, I spend a lot of time seated at the dining room table with my laptop or a newspaper.”

In their free time, Cohen and Medine like to explore nature. 

Cohen and Medine love to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City for less crowded locales.


They often go to the beach, hike, and travel to scenic spots with their daughters. Cohen also enjoys playing golf.



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Cohen and Medine are aspiring art lovers.

When they got married, Medine’s grandparents gave the couple two pieces of art. One was a sketch of a clown by Bernard Buffet; the other is an abstract by Bela Kadar. 


Medine stated, “We really like that piece because on the other side is another print, and every so often we flip it over. Abie and I know very little about art, and we’re sort of growing up together in it. It’s sort of this funny sense of infancy and trying to navigate blindly. It’s been an interesting way for us to connect.”

What is Leandra Medine's net worth?

In 2020, Medine’s net worth is $5 million.

What is Abie Cohen's net worth?

Abraham J. Cohen’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.

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