How Is Holy Water Made?

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How Is Holy Water Made?

If you've ever been to a Catholic Church, you may have seen little reservoirs of water by each opening.

People put a finger into the water and then dab their forehead making the sign of a cross before entering the church for mass.

Holy water is most common among Lutherans, Roman, and Orthodox Catholics.

Blessed and made by the priest, holy water provides a form of cleansing and protection.

How is holy water made?

Holy water is the most popular cleansing method and there are a series of steps that the priest or a religious practitioner follows in order to make it for use.

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In Roman Catholicism, there are seven different types of Holy Water.

Each one contains a different source added to it including consecrated salt, oil, wine, and even ashes.

The most popular type of holy water is made with salt added during a rite of blessing by a cleric.

However, you can make your own holy water.

However, to get truly “holy” water, you should have it blessed by an ordained member of the clergy.

Here's how holy water is made:

1. Create your holy salt.

You can create holy salt by gathering pure salt, like kosher and natural rock salt, and say the roman ritual to make it holy.

2. Create your holy water.

If you can, try and get water from a natural source like a nearby lake, stream, or river.

Once you obtain it you need to boil it thoroughly for one to three minutes because it needs to be filtered and clean.

3. Exorcise the water.

Before combining your salt and water, you will need to perform an exorcism over the water.

This is done by repeating the Roman ritual again.

4. Pour the salt into the water in the shape of a cross.

Grab a handful of salt slowly and release it in your hand while making the sign of the cross.

And repeat the Roman ritual.

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5. Bless your holy water.

You’ve now made your holy water and you can say the Novus Ordo Book of Blessings prayer.

Then sprinkle the water wherever you need more positive energy.

Now that you know how to make holy water, you should also know what it is and how to use it.

What is holy water?

Water represents a natural symbol of purification, holy water is water blessed by a priest.

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It is used by religious people in order to cleanse and remove negative energy, either ritual or moral.

Holy water has to be blessed by a member of the clergy, like a priest.

And then it is used for baptisms, to bless a person, home, or an article like a talisman.

How to use holy water:

You may be using talismans and cleansing methods to protect yourself from evil spirits and especially negative energy.

Holy water along with crystals, burning sage for smudging, and religious talismans are all great cleansing tools.

They can be made a part of your home maintenance and provide clean and positive energy.

You can depend on getting holy water from a Catholic Church.

And use it by sprinkling the holy water at the main entrances to your home before entering.

Also around all your doors, windows, and any place you’ve been experiencing negative energy or want to protect.

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