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Adorable Facts About Clint Black's Relationship With Wife, Lisa Hartman Black

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Clint Patrick Black is an American country music star, record producer, and actor. His film work includes Maverick, Anger Management, and Nowhere to Run. His music career is long and celebrated — the country icon has put out more than 10 albums including a very cheerful Christmas album. According to his professional website, his newest album Out of Sane was released in April 2020 and there's even rumors he's one of the masked celebrities on The Masked Singer, along with his wife.

Who is Clint Black's wife, Lisa Hartman Black?

Who is Lisa Hartman-Black?

Lisa Hartman-Black is an American actress and singer. Hartman released four pop/rock albums between 1976-1987 while simultaneously working on several television programs. The albums are titled Lisa Hartman, Hold On, Til My Heart Stops, and her last album Letterock. As far as the small screen, she's best known for performances in Knots Landing, the Bewitched spin-off series Tabitha, and Deadly Blessing.

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman wedding photos are stunning.

Clint and Lisa tied the knot on October 20, 1991 and will be happily married for almost 30 years this October. 


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How old is Lisa Hartman Black?

Lisa Hartman Black is 64 years old this June. The talented singer and actress was born on June 1, 1956, which makes her a Gemini. 

What is Lisa Hartman Black's net worth?

Lisa Hartman Black's net worth is about $5 million

How did Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black meet?

The couple met at a New Years' Eve concert of Clint's in 1990. Black was performing in Houston, Texas — where he was born — when his manager introduced him to Hartman backstage. Hartman said she didn't have anything else to do, so she went to the concert. In an interview Black said of meeting his future wife, "Anyone would be taken by her looks but she was a really, really pleasant person and I didn't know her from Eve. I'd never seen her movies. All I knew was that she was a TV actress." A year later, the couple was married. 


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Lisa Hartman Black singing with Clint is a beautiful sound. 

The power couple mixed business with pleasure with the release of their duet song, "When I Said I Do," which you can listen to in the above video. The song hit the top charts, becoming a Billboard Number 1 hit in 1999. The song also snagged a Grammy nomination the same year. The married country crooners went on to receive several awards including Vocal Event of the year at the The Academy of Country Music Awards and In 2005, the song made Country Music Televeion's top 100 country duets. The couple released a second duet, "Easy For Me To Say"  in 2002 that reached number 27 on the charts and to this day, they scontinue to make music together. Their latest duet "You Still Get To Me" was released in 2016.

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Are Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black the snow owls on The Masked Singer?

There's rumor Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman-Black are the snow owls on the hit reality singing competition The Masked Singer. Their current performance is on YouTube and commenters on social media seriously suspect the duo is Clint and Lisa. One commenter said, "Clint Black can not hide that 'crackle' in his voice no matter what." Another commenter said, "It’s Clint Black and Lisa Hartman. If not I’ll eat a rock." Even Clint's Instagram is literred with commenters who claim to know the couple's voices so well that it's unmistakable they're the celebs under the snow owl masks.

Who are Lisa and Clint Black's children?

Lisa and Clint have one daughter, Lily Pearl Black. They chose to wait 10 years after getting married to have a child.  “We always loved kids, but they just weren’t in the plan,” Lisa explained.  Lily was born on May 8, 2001. The couple is very happy to have been blessed with Lily — especially since they got pregnant a bit later in life. “When we finally got lucky and were blessed with a pregnancy, there was bedrest at the end, and it was touch and go. But it was all worth it because having Lily in our lives has just been amazing,” Lisa said.

Lily is currently studying music and business at Belmont University in Nashville. 

How old is Lily Pearl Black?

Lily Black is nineteen years old and a Taurus.

What does Lisa Hartman Black's Instagram and social media look like?

Lisa Hartman Black does not have Instagram. Clint, however, does and it's mostly filled with work relating to his music. He will post a picture of his lovely wife here and there, but it's not a treasure trove of personal moments. The Black family seemingly like to keep their personal lives private. 

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