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Sweet Details About William Catlett's Relationship With Wife, Rondi Luz

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William Catlett

William Catlett is an American actor and producer. He is most known for his roles in Malcolm in 2019, Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76 Fan Film in 2011, and 84 in 2018. Though his filmography doesn't stop there, Catlett has starred in several television shows including Black Lightning and Love Is. His latest work includes the 2020 films Force of Nature and the recently released Charm City Kings, now streaming on HBO Max, in which he plays Detective Rivers. He's played many roles in the entertainment industry, but what about his better half?

Who is William Catlett's wife, Rondi Luz?

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RonDi Luz is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and self-recording artist. She is the eldest of four kids and was born on April 12th, which makes her an Aries. Luz has her own YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself singing and sharing her daily life routines. Luz and Catlett tied the knot on September 12, 2017, and have been happily married ever since.

What is Rondi Luz's age?

It's not clear exactly how old Luz is, but she's younger than her husband, who is 32 years old. In a post on her Instagram, Luz wrote a caption about being with someone who is older than herself. 

Who are Rondi Luz and William Catlett's kids?

The couple had a baby girl, Hamabi in March of 2019. In an interview in October 2019, Luz talked about being a new mother and the struggles she went through. "I look at being a mother as truly the crafter and the shaper of human beings." She spoke about how women don't get enough credit for beginning a child into the world and gave advice to future and fellow mothers saying, "You are your child's first home before they come out into the world. It took 9 months to have a baby, please give yourself nine months to recover."


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What does Hamabi mean?

In the same interview, Luz revealed the symbolism behind her daughter's name. Hamabi means 'twelve' in an old Spanish language called Basque and the number twelve is very important to the couple. Apparently when Catlett went to visit his mother in Maryland before meeting Luz all he had in his pocket was 12 cents. He went to church and the pastor asked for everyone to write down what they desperately wanted to ask God for. Catlett wrote down 'to find his wife' and put all 12 cents towards it. Catlett wrote these wishes on April 12, which is coincidentally Luz's birthday. The couple met 12 days later and began dating. They were married on September 12 and when they were planning to have a child they were living in a 12th-floor penthouse. 


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Music is important to Luz.

Luz's work as a musical artist includes a self-released EP entitled Songs About Will. The EP is available on all streaming platforms since its release on April 12, 2019. Luz posted on Instagram a picture of her EP on Spotify with the caption giving thanks to her many supporters. "Many thanks to those of you that tuned in yesterday. My phone died. The vibes are now available on @spotify, iTunes, and all major streaming platforms." The release of her music was apparently very hard for Luz as her caption continued, " Yesterday was the first time I challenged myself to share my gift with others. And now the real challenge begins, to be consistent and persistent in pursuing the life and career I desire." She covered the song "King In My Empire" in November 2019, which you can watch below.

What is William Catlett's net worth?

Catlett's net worth is currently under review, as his latest work in film and television will surely affect it. However, his net worth in 2018 was $400,000

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