Joss Stone's Pregnant! Meet Her Baby Daddy Cody DaLuz

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Joscelyn Eve Stoker, or more commonly known as Joss Stone, is a British singer, songwriter, and actress who announced today that she's expecting her first child. Stone is the fifth richest singer in England under the age of 30. She rose to fame in 2003 with her debut album entitled Soul Sessions. The singer/actress is also close friends with the royal family, specifically Prince Harry. She even attended the Royal Wedding.

Stone has been friends with the royals for years due to her hand in humanitarian work. She also runs a podcast called A Cuppa Happy every Monday where she discusses the mysterious human emotion of happiness and, in fact, it was on that podcast where she announced her pregnancy, sparking questions about her baby daddy. Though Stone is quite famous around England, not a lot of people know about her boyfriend and future father of her child.

Who is Joss Stone's boyfriend and baby daddy, Cody DaLuz?

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Stone hopped over the pond to find her man in America, or more specifically, North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The small state native Cody DaLuz most recently starred in an "accent wars" video on Stone's Instagram last August. Unfortunately, most of his personal information has yet to come to light, so he's still a bit of an enigma.

How did Joss Stone meet Cody DaLuz?

The two are pretty private about their relationship, so it;s unclear when they began dating or how they met. Although Stone said in an interview that she had a hard time finding "the one" and that an arranged marriage was a serious thought for her before she met DaLuz because "I couldn't find a man." Luckily she eventually found DaLuz and blissfully fell in love.

What does Cody DaLuz do for a living?

On his Instagram, DaLuz posted a picture in uniform with a bunch of his USO buddies with the caption, "Miss these guys #reunion sometime?" DaLuz enlisted as a Marine and does Military contracting which allows him to travel and experience so many cultures. It'ss unclear if DaLuz is still enlisted or is only contracting at this juncture.

Cody Daluz travels often.

DaLuz's social media is littered with travel pictures of amazing sights, most likely because of his job. His Instagram alone has several highlights of the places he has been which is enough to make even travel photographers jealous. They range from Boston to Dubai to Greece to Switzerland and many, many more destinations. Sometimes Stone even comes along for the ride too — with their dogs in tow!

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They couple is expecting a baby together.

The singer revealed on her podcast that she is expecting a child with DaLuz. She said in her podcast episode on October 5, 2020, "Guess what? I am going to have a little baby! I am so excited to talk to you [Ella Mills] because I don’t know many pregnant women. I am week 17 and I just stopped being sick all the time." That means their baby is likey due in late February or early March of 2021.  

Stone says she's scared to give birth.

Like every other woman out there, Stone is terrified of giving birth. It makes sense though. Pushing out a tiny human being is an ordeal. But Stone's feelings on the subject are pretty normal. 'I woke up in the middle of the night — randomly — and I was like, 'Oh my god I am really scared! I just got really terrified of having to push it out!'" 

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