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Fun Facts About Charlie Gillespie From 'Julie And The Phantoms'

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Charlie Gillespie

Everyone seems to be loving the Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms — as well as one of its cute stars, Charlie Gillespie. Julie and the Phantoms is a musical kids show from Kenny Ortega, who directed High School Musical and Hocus Pocus. Ortega also choreographed Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off so it makes sense why his new show is such a hit. 

Although Julie and the Phantoms is aimed at a younger audience, it has something for everyone because of its catchy songs and fun dance scenes. The show centers around a teenager named Julie (Madison Reyes) who lost her love of music when her mother passed away. Then, Julie meets three musician ghosts and they help her find her voice again.

Julie and the Phantoms is a must-watch show, also starring lead ghost boy and teen heartthrob, Charlie Gillespie.

Who is Charlie Gillespie from Julie and the Phantoms?

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Charlie Gillespie is a 21-year-old actor who is best known for playing Luke in Julie and the Phantoms. He has also been in the television shows Charmed and Degrassi: Next Class and the films Runt and The Rest of Us.

Where is Charlie Gillespie from? 

Gillespie was born in Dieppe, Canada. He went to Ryerson University in Toronto for a short amount of time after graduating from École Mathieu-Martin High School. 

How tall is Gillespie? 

Gillespie is 5 feet 7 inches. 

Carlie Gillespie's TikTok is full of cute videos. 

Gillespie posts TikTok videos of him fishing, dancing, behind the scenes Julie and the Phantoms videos, and just random funny videos. 

Charlie Gillespie's tattoos match his co-stars.

Charlie Gillespie got matching ghost tattoos with his co-stars Jeremy Shada and Owen Joyner. They all got ghosts that look like their characters. 


A post shared by | OWEN PATRICK JOYNER | (@owenjoyner) on Sep 26, 2020 at 10:36am PDT

He likes to goof around on set. 

Gillespie seems to be the class clown on set. When the cameras are off, he can be seen breaking out into Mamma Mia songs or playing around with one of his co-stars. 

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Gillespie wrote one of the songs in Julie and the Phantoms

Gillespie and his co-star Madison Reyes actually wrote one of the songs for Julie and the Phantoms. He and Reyes worked together during their down-time on set to write the song “Perfect Harmony.” The song was put into the show and was used for Julie’s dream sequence dance scene with Luke.

Charlie Gillespie loves nature. 

Some of Gillespie’s favorite activities are going to the beach, camping, fishing, and hiking. He loves to be out in nature with his friends and often documents it on his Instagram page. Gillespie is a very adventurous guy.

Who is Charlie Gillespie dating? 

Charlie Gillespie seems to be single at the moment. However, he has a lot of girls fawning over him at the moment.

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