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Everything You Need To Know About 'Emily In Paris' Actor Lucas Bravo

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Lucas Bravo

Lucas Bravo may not be a name you know yet, but you will now. He is an up-and-coming French actor who is starring in the show Emily in Paris, which hits Netflix on October 2. Emily in Paris centers around a Chicago marketing executive named Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) who gets her dream job in Paris. While in Paris, she has to balance her social life, dating life, and work life. Emily meets a new love interest in Paris, Gabriel (Bravo), who brings some romance and drama into her life. The show is by Darren Star, who created Sex and the City and Beverly Hills, 90210

Who is Lucas Bravo?

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Lucas Bravo has been acting since 2013.

Lucas Bravo is a French actor who has had some television and film roles since 2013. Although, he has mostly worked on French projects, which is why he is not too well known by American audiences yet. He is best known for being in the films Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, Smart Ass, Caprice, and now the Netflix Original Series, Emily in Paris

You can follow Bravo on Instagram. 

Lucas Bravo loves to post photos on instagram. He clearly likes to document pictures of himself, his travel adventures, his friends, and scenic views of nature!

Bravo’s Emily in Paris character is similar to him.

Bravo said in an interview that the writers only had three episodes of Emily in Paris written before filming so they started writing the series around the actors playing them. So, the actors were more involved in the writing process than they typically are. Bravo stated that the more the writers got to know him, the more the character of Gabriel started to mirror him. 

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Who is Lucas Bravo dating?

It appears that Lucas Bravo is currently single. Although, he will definitely have many girls fawning over him once they hear his gorgeous French accent as the charming love interest in Emily in Paris

Lucas Bravo has famous parents. 

Lucas Bravo’s dad is Daniel Bravo, a French former professional football player. Daniel Bravo played in the France national team 13 times and played for Paris Saint-Germain, as a defensive midfielder. 

Bravo’s mother is Eva Bravo, who used to sing in Italy. However, she stopped singing so that she could focus on spending time with her family. Talent clearly runs in the family.

He's is an avid traveler.

If you take one look at his Instagram profile (trust us, your eyes will be seriously pleased), you can see that Bravo absolutely adores traveling, as he's dedicated most of his Instagram Stories highlight reel to the places he's traveled to over the years, like Mexico, Amsterdamn, New York, and Iceland.

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