Children With THIS Type Of Mom Shockingly Don't Live As Long

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mother and baby

Yet another factor to freak out about, parents.

Many ladies put off motherhood to finish their education, get a leg up in their career, and just enjoy the freedom of being child-free. But then there are cons for waiting too long: it's occasionally harder to get pregnant and the more time you wait is the less time you get to spend with the little one.

But now scientists have found another con of waiting to have kids: they won't live as long.

A study found that mothers' and babies' bodies are linked in a very interesting way.

Researchers took 200 years worth of data from American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and compared the lives of babies of women younger than 31 to those who are older. The results showed that the younger the mother is, the longer the baby will live.

What is the cause of this? Do younger mothers have more of a life force to pass on to their kids?

Basically. Children inherit mitochondria, cells that generate energy from their mother. The older the mother is when she's pregnant, the more damaged her mitochondria will be, which can lead to less healthy kids.

Great, so I guess that's another thing women need to think about when weighing out options. As if we needed anymore.