Why Does Pisces Make Such Bad Decisions?

Poor Pisces, when are you gonna get it right?

Why Does Pisces Make Such Bad Decisions? vladm/Shutterstock.com

Poor Pisces, when are you gonna get it right? Being the youngest zodiac, you live and you learn but you tend to learn a lot after some bad decisions that can affect your life.

Why does Pisces make bad decisions?

Could it be that they want to get out of doing something, therefore, make horrible choices?

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Pisces have fluid and dynamic personalities which can make it hard to feel understood or appreciated. They tend to ask advice about their decisions but that’s not going to stop them from their original thoughts about it. The other signs also take Pisces bad decisions as a lesson and know not to be as rash in decision making as them.

Instead of asking others for advice, Pisces need to be in tune with their minds and be more intuitive about their decisions.

Pisces are also very caring and loving which are good qualities, however, they can be swayed and tricked easily, hence leaving them to be naïve or blind to the truth.


Here’s why Pisces tend to make bad decisions, per astrology:

Pisces don’t have a strong will.

Pisces have the tendency to change their mind a lot and that’s what makes making a decision so hard for them. Everything seems possible but when it comes to a simple decision they simply cannot make up their mind, ironic because they are said to have great intuition.

Pisces can be gullible.

As said before, Pisces can tend to see the best in people, even people who have bad intentions who can manipulate easily. Pisces can be manipulated by their gullible personalities and taken advantage of easily. They need to use their Moon sign intuition and not get themselves in trouble or even in danger.

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Pisces can be pessimistic.

When a Pisces can’t make a decision it can lead them down a doom spiral about what-ifs. They need plans or steps laid out for them because forcing them to make a decision is too much. Pisces don’t do well at all under intense pressure and this can lead them to make a decision quickly and it’ll probably be a bad decision because they didn’t think about it.


Pisces care too much.

Pisces care too much about what’s right and wrong they don’t want to hurt themselves, which happens too easily for Pisces. If they have to make a decision for someone else, good luck because most likely they care too much about making the wrong decision they won’t make one at all.

This could also lead them to care too much about people from the past and make bad decisions by reaching out to an ex or something. Pisces, you’re smart! Use your intuition and don’t worry as much. Deep inside, you know what’s right.

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