Intriguing Details About Sarah Gadon's Boyfriend, Matthew Hannam

Meet Matthew Hannam!

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Sarah Gadon is a Canadian actress who was born in Toronto on April 4, 1987, which makes her an Aries. She began her acting career guest-starring in several television shows, like Are You Afraid of The Dark? and Mutant X. You can see her stellar performances on the Netflix series Alias Grace, and her new upcoming Netflix movie Vampires vs The Bronx, which comes out on the streaming platform on October 2, 2020. Though many have tried to pin down exactly who her significant other is, we know for certain that her other half is Matthew Hannam; although, their relationship is very low key and private. So who exactly is Sarah Gadon's boyfriend, Matthew Hannam?


Who is Sarah Gadon's boyfriend, Matthew Hannam?

Matthew Hannam was born on September 18, 1981, making him a Virgo. He grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, where he attended The University of Winnipeg. While studying film, theater, and economics he created films with the Winnipeg Film Group. After that, Hannam moved to Toronto to attend the Canadian Film Centre pursuing a career in editing. 


Most recently, he was the editor for the 2018 film Wildlife. He is also known for his work on Enemy, James White, and Swiss Army Man. Hannam won three Canadian Cinema Editors Awards for his work on James White (winner in 2015), Sensitive Skin (winner in 2015), and Enemy (winner in 2014).

How did Sarah Gadon and Matthew Hannam meet?

They met in 2012 while working on the same project, which was the horror film Antiviral, and the couple have been together ever since. Gadon even mentioned how Hannam keeps her humble as an actress. 

"We actors can get very wrapped up in our work, so Matt is my healthy reminder that every production has about a hundred people working behind the scenes and it’s not all about us," she said

After a few years of dating, the couple moved in together in Toronto.


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Are Matthew Hannam and Sarah Gadon married?

It's unclear if Matthew Hannam and Sarah Gadon are married. However, on Gadon's Instagram, she posted a picture of a wedding party on August 5, 2017, with the caption "First wedding on a mountain." The wedding party is a small group of people on the large backdrop of a mountain in Banff, Alberta.  


Motherhood is something Gadon wants.

Though no baby rumors have made the rounds, Gadon has mentioned in an interview that having a child is something she thinks of often. "As women, it is something we all have to think about – when are you going to be able to do that and how are you going to fit that around your career?" she said. "And I look at these amazing icons like Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep and think it must be possible."

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Hannam and Gadon made a short together.

Hannam and Gadon encourage each other to pursue their creative aspirations. In 2018, the couple made a short film, Paseo, which is based on a story Gadon wrote. Hannam adapted the story for the screen and directed the short, while Gadon starred in it. You can view the film's poster on Gadon's Instagram page.

Sarah Gadon and Mathhew Hannam keep their relationship private.

As far as Hannam's social media goes, his Instagram is set to private but his Twitter conveys a comedic personality to the public. Gadon's Instagram isn't flooded with overly cute posts of the couple or paragraph-long captions dedicated to her partner.


However, you can catch a picture here and there with a short sweet message for the love of her life. For example, in 2019 she posted a "Happy Valentine's Day" picture of the couple on a romantic boat ride. For this couple, the public most definitely doesn't get to be the third wheel in their relationship.


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