Everything To Know About Sophie Flack, The Wife Of 'Away' Star Josh Charles

This actor is a happily married man.

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Lovers of all things sci-fi and space, this new Netflix series might just be for you. On September 4, Away premieres, starring Hilary Swank as Emma Green, an astronaut who leaves her family to go on a three-year space mission. In the show, Josh Charles co-stars as Matt Logan, Swank's character's husband, but who is he married to in real life?

Who is Josh Charles' wife? 

Though Charles may not actually be the NASA engineer he plays in the show, he is a husband, and has been for awhile now. Who is Josh Charles' wife, Sophie Flack? Here's what to know. 


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When did Josh Charles and Sophie Flack get married?



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In 2013, Charles (who was starring in the Good Wife at the time) and Flack tied the knot in New York City. Though they kept much of their relationship private, the couple dated for at least two years before getting married. The ceremony took place in a private residence in Manhattan and was followed by a low key reception at an Italian restaraunt.


Sophie Flack is a writer and former dancer.

Flack is a former professional dancer with the New York City Ballet, and she danced with the company for eight years until she left in 2009. In 2011, she published her debut novelBunheads, which was based on her experiences in the ballet. Today, Flack is a freelance writer and editor, publishing stories on outlets like The Wall Street Journal. 

Who are Josh Charles and Sophie Flack's kids?

Charles and Flack are now parents to two children: Rocco, who will turn six this December, and a daughter named Eleanor, who is now two years old. It seems like Flack truly loves being a mom, and most of her Instagram is made up of photos of both of her children; that said, she often keeps it real and focuses on the ups and downs of parenting, like struggling to get work done with the little ones around.

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Flack suffered from COVID-19 back in March.

Though she was unable to get tested at the time, Flack opened up about suffering from COVID-19 symptoms on Instagram, sharing that she had quarantined herself from her family. 


"I’ve been really touched by the outpouring of concern, but if this is Covid19, it’s luckily a mild case, and I’m going to be just fine," she wrote at the time. "As instructed by my doctor, I’m recovering at home so I don’t use up resources so desperately needed by the medical community."

Flack spends her free time volunteering.

On Flack's website, she opened up about how important her volunteer work is to her, especially in the writing community.

"In addition to writing and editing, Sophie is dedicated to working closely with vulnerable communities: in 2016 she worked in conjunction with Church World Service to provide social support to newly resettled Syrian asylees in Jersey City, NJ," says her bio. "In 2017 Sophie taught writing to survivors of gender-based violence at Sanctuary for Families. Today she is a dedicated mentor with Girls Write Now."

Flack and Charles share much of their family life on Instagram. 

Flack's social media is mostly dedicated to her family life, including her husband and children. As privately as she may choose to live, it's clear that Flack loves her children and her husband, and there's no doubt she'll be cheering him on when Away premieres on Sept. 4.


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