Exciting Details About 'The Unicorn' Actor Rob Corddry's Wife, Sandra Corddry

Get to know the Corddry family!

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Rob Corddry is an actor and comedian. He is best known for being a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He also played the role of Lou in the movie Hot Tub Time Machine and played the role of Joe Krutel in HBO’s Ballers. Corddry has also created and starred in the show Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim. Rob Corddry plays the role of Forrest on the television show The Unicorn, which comes to Netflix on October 1. And while we're familiar with his name, we're wondering more about his personal life — including Rob Corddry's wife, Sandra Corddry.


Who is Rob Corddry’s wife, Sandra Corddry?

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Sandra Corddry tends to stay out of the spotlight as much as she can. In fact, the only reason she is in the presence of the media is because of Rob Corddry. She doesn’t even have an Instagram! 


She is definitely one that likes to work behind the scenes, so it makes sense that she is a dialect coach for television and film projects. Corddry is best known for working on popular television shows, like Riverdale and The Slap, as well as working on movies like Hot Pursuit and Godzilla. 

How long have Rob and Sandra Corddry been together? 

The Corddry’s got married in 2002 and have been together ever since. However, they had a very intimate wedding with close friends and there have been no photos of their wedding ceremony released to the public. It seems like they definitely like to be low-key! 



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Who are Rob and Sandra Corddry’s kids? 

The Corddry’s have two daughters, Marlo Stevenson Corddry and Sloane Sullivan Corddry. Marlo was born in November of 2008, so she is 11 years old. Sloane was born in July of 2006, so she is 14 years old. Rob and Sandra Corddry spend a lot of time with their daughters, and Rob is often posting cute pictures of them on his Instagram. 



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They appeared on The Daily Show together.  

The only time Sandra and Rob Corddry appeared together on television was on January 12, 2006. The couple went on The Daily Show for a funny segment.

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Rob Corddry tweets about his wife. 

Even though Sandra Corddry is not one for using social media, Rob Corddry loves tweeting. He especially enjoys tweeting funny conversations and jokes about his wife.

Where do Rob Corddry and Sandra Corddry live? 

Sandra and Rob Corddry reside in Los Angeles, which makes sense because they both work in the television and film industry! Rob Corddry was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, so they often take trips there to visit his family and get away from California.


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