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Everything To Know About Comedian Michelle Buteau's Husband, Gijs Van Der Most

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Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau is a stand up comedian who is known for hosting the popular podcast, Late Night Whenever! Buteau has performed on the show The Comedy Lineup on Netflix, and also appeared in movies like Isn’t It Romantic? and Always Be My Maybe, and television shows like Tales of the City and The First Wives Club. Michelle Buteau is also releasing her new Netflix Special called Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia on September 29. Buteau has been a household name in the entertainment industry for years, but who is her husband, Gijs van der Most?

Who is Michelle Buteau’s Husband?

Here are some fascinating details about Michelle Buteau's husband, Gijs van der Most.

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Who is Gijs van der Most?

Gijs van der Most is a Dutch photographer. He has worked for magazines such as Esquire, Men’s Health, People, and more. 

How long have Buteau and Gijs van der Most been together? 

They got married on July 31, 2010 after they were in a long distance relationship for two years. 


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The couple publicly makes fun of one another. 

Buteau and her hubby often poke fun at one another on their social media platforms. Buteau once tweeted, “My Dutch husband just asked me who Tony was & why do they have an award show.” She also makes fun of him on Instagram by posting pictures about how confidently her “Dutch husband [crosses] a New York City Street.” 


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Who are Michelle Buteau and Gijs van der Most's kids?

Buteau and van der Most have twins but they had a bumpy road to having children. They were trying to have kids for a year, but it wasn’t successful for them. So, Michelle Buteau went to the doctor and was then diagnosed with prolactioma, which basically meant that she had high levels of the hormone that impacts breast milk and can cause infertility. They kept trying for another year, Buteau went through a couple rounds of IVF, and had four miscarriages.

"I felt like I was being punished for wanting a baby," she revealed. "I was 36 at the time."  

Finally, Buteau and van der Most found a surrogate who successfully gave birth to their twins, Hazel and Otis van der Most.


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The couple has a furniture store together.

Buteau and van der Most wanted to collaborate after having children so they opened a furniture store together. It is a mid-century modern furniture store in Brooklyn called van der Most Modern and they deliver anywhere.

Where do Buteau and her husband live? 

They live in the Bronx with their 14-month-old twins. Buteau and van der Most have been working together as a team to parent their kids, but also set aside time to be with one another. They also have a Peloton bike at home and both make sure to exercise throughout their week. Van der Most has recently learned how to bake bread, so he makes fresh bread for the family. Sounds like a cute and lovely relationship!

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