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Cute Details About Michael Whitehall's Relationship With Wife Hilary Whitehall

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Who Is Michael Whitehall's Wife? Fun Facts About Hilary Whitehall

Former theatre agent Michael Whitehall has been ushered into the public eye by his son, Jack Whitehall — a well-known British stand-up comedian — through her hit reality series Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father.

The first season of the comedic travel documentary show premiered in 2017 to great acclaim and this week,  season 4 — which was filmed in Australia before the COVID-19 pandemic hit — was released on Netflix. Jack's mom (and Michael's wife) Hilary Whitehall made an appearance in season 3 of the show and her presence was obviously a hit because she's back for season 4, specifically in the Sydney episode. And just from the 45-minute episode, it's clear where Jack gets his comedic chops from. So let's get to know more about the woman behind the famous father and son duo.

Who is Michael Whitehall's wife, Hilary Whitehall?

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Who is Hilary Whitehall? 

Hilary Whitehall is an actress who's known for appearing in the films Fierce Creatures (1997), Dunrulin (1990), and London’s Burning (1988).

During her early acting days she went by the stage name Hilary Gish.

In fact, Hilary has gone by many different names: Her given name is Hilary Amanda Ibister and her full name today is Hilary Amanda Jane Whitehall. 

When did Michael and Hilary Whitehall get married?

Hilary and Michael got married in 1986 and currently live together in Putney, London. Before marrying Hilary, Michael was married to Jane McIntosh in 1969 but they divorced four years later.

Hilary and Michael have three kids together and Jack is their oldest son, who's 32.

Their daughter is named Molly Whitehall, who is 31 and recently got married in February — a plot point on this season of Travels with My Father.

Lastly, they had their youngest son named Barnaby Whitehall, who's 28 years old. 


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Hilary has acted alongside her son.

Jack Whitehall had a popular comedy television show called Bad Education which ran on the BBC three network from 2012 to 2014. It came back in 2015, repurposed as The Bad Education Movie. The show centers around a teacher (Jack Whitehall) who's just as childish as his students. Hilary Whitehall played the role of Mrs Carmichael, who is the mother to one of the students named Stephen.

Jack and Michael Whitehall also used to host a talk show in 2013 called Backchat and Hilary appeared in a few of the episodes. Most recently, Hilary appeared as herself alongside her son and husband in the television show Googlebox in the Celebrity Special for Stand Up to Cancer.  

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Hilary Whitehall is a certified doula. 

Although Hilary Whitehall was an actress, she has many other interests as well. She took a break from acting in the early 2000s because she wanted to pursue other areas of her life. She trained as a doula so that she could help other women give birth.

Hilary Whitehall shares snippets of her life on Instagram. 

Hilary Whitehall enjoys posting life moments on instagram to her 83 thousand followers. She uses her social media platform to share about how she is spending her time with her family and what activities keep her busy during the day. She is also a typical proud mom who gloats about her children’s accomplishments. She and Michael also share an adopted "son," named Winston — a fake babydoll from season one of Travels With My Father — who viewers were fond of and who now makes regular appearances in their lives as another Whitehall "child."

Through her Instagram, you can tell that she's a happy wife and mom by all the loving pictures and videos she shares of herself, Michael, and their three kids.

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