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Fun Facts About Daniel K. Isaac's Boyfriend, Chad Reed

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Daniel K. Isaac

You might know the actor Daniel K. Isaac for playing the role of Ben Kim on the show Billions. He is also co-wrote the short film According to My Mother, which is a film that features funny conversations he has with his mom. Most recently, Daniel K. Isaac plays the role of Cody in the horror television show The Expecting, which premieres September 30 on Quibi, centers around a woman who gets pregnant in an eerie and mysterious way. And while we're excited to see Isaac in Quibi's newest show, we'd like to know more about Daniel K. Isaac's personal life — particularly, his relationship with his partner, Chad Reed.

Who is Daniel K. Isaac’s boyfriend, Chad Reed? 

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Who is Chad Reed? 

Chad Reed is the co-founder of Blue Forest Conservation and a leading investor in climate change solutions. He earned degrees from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, the George Washington University, and the University of California at Berkeley. He kicked off his career in the Middle East as an intelligence officer, and now, he is trying his best to protect the environment.

Isaac and Reed enjoy going to museums together. 

In their free time, Reed and Isaac love to have artsy dates and visit museums. They have been to ARTECHOUSE, the National Gallery of Art, and the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum. Not only do they enjoy looking at the art, but they also love to take photos at the beautiful museums they visit. 


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Where do Reed and Isaac live? 

They both live in New York, but visit Massachusetts a lot to enjoy nature and take a break from the city that never sleeps. In fact, Daniel K. Isaac recently celebrated his 11 year anniversary of living in New York after moving from Southern California. He posted a picture of himself when he first moved to New York in 2009, when he had a job working at a restaurant in Union Square. 


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Isaac and Reed also love to go see plays together. 

Daniel K. Isaac and Chad Reed are huge lovers of theatre. For Chad’s birthday, they attended the interactive play Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel. They also attended To Kill a Mockingbird, A Strange Loop, Moulin Rouge, and other plays. 

How long have Reed and Isaac been together? 

They have been dating for a little bit over a year, but they seem to have a lot in common, so really, who is counting? 

It took awhile for Isaac to accept his sexuality. 

Isaac was raised by a Christian mother so when he came out to her for the first time, he asked her to help him stop being gay. So, he voluntarily attended conversion therapy, but in his late teen years, decided he was finally going to embrace his sexuality. Since then, he has focused on connecting to his mother in new ways and their relationship has grown a lot stronger.

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