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Fun Facts About 'DWTS' Contestant Monica Aldama's Husband, Chris Aldama

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The Netlfix documentary series, Cheer, follows Monica Aldama and her lagacy as one of the most successful cheer coaches in the country. She is married to musician Chris Aldama and together, they have two children, Austin and Ally Aldama. Monica Aldama is currently a contestant on this season's Dancing With The Stars. From the football field to the dance floor, she knows how to move on her feet.

Who is Chris Aldama?

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Scroll through Chris's Instagram feed, and it's pretty obvious what his greatest interests are: music, sports, and the great outdoors. Father by day and band member by night, he plays guitar in Courtney Prater & The Sidetracks. The band even performed a socially distant acoustic show during the lockdown. 

It's no secret that he has a strong relationship with both of his children. "Had a great daddy/daughter outdoors Labor Day!" he posted to his personal Instagram account, along with a photo collage of the two holding guns, smiling from ear to ear. 


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Who is Austin Aldama?

Austin Aldama is the son of Chris and Monica Aldama. He's also the older brother of Ally. He turned 24 on May 16, which makes him a Taurus.  He graduated Texas Tech University. 

All of Austin's social media accounts are private, but Monica isn't afraid to publicly declare her love for her children.  


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Who is Ally Aldama?

Kristian Alexandra Aldama, who goes by Ally, is 20 years old. Currently, she is an undergraduate student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, seeing as she's also a cheerleader! 


A post shared by Kristian Alexandra (@allyaldama) on Oct 25, 2018 at 5:34pm PDT

She often posts to Instagram about how much she loves her friends, boyfriend, and SMU. "I love my school so much that I sacrificed my eyelashes for SMU cheer." She posted to her personal Instagram account," Make it worth it and come support the mustangs Saturday at 2pm!!! #ponyup"

Monica said that Chris once gave her "a really good piece of advice."

When asked who the last person who gave her really good piece of advice was, she said, "My husband. He told me not to read the negative comments (especially on Instagram) after the show came out. Most of the press was really good, but a few articles were negative and portrayed me as someone who I'm not at all. So I didn't read them."

"Mental health is so important," she continued. "Why read something you know that's not true and going to bring you down? Fans and critics only saw six hours of edited footage and you can't base your opinion on someone on just that alone."

She is frustrated by the rumors that she puts her career before her family.

Monica also talked about what the biggest misconception about her was. "Some of the things I read were that I cared more about my own ego than the health of the kids. But that's the furthest from the truth," she said. "Obviously, I showed a lot of the falls and kids getting hurt — which shows the guts, strength, and determination that goes into the sport. Having even one person think that I would jeopardize the health of my kids is absolutely gut-wrenching to me."

Monica Aldama loves her family.

Her Instagram account proves it! Constantly posting photos of her and her family to social media, it's no doubt she is their biggest fan. 

"This Mother’s Day let’s take a moment to appreciate the downtime and the memories we are making with our families." she posted to Instagram. "I’ve been able to spend extra time with my kids over the last few weeks. We have played games, done puzzles, watched movies and made unforgettable memories. I love capturing these moments in pictures #withGalaxy, and this year I’m making sure to get in the photos, too. Moms- hand over the camera and take a moment to smile."

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