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Sweet Details About ‘DWTS’ Contestant Justina Machado’s Relationship With Producer Emanuel Gironi

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Who Is Justina Machado’s Boyfriend? Fun Facts About Emanuel Gironi

Season 29 of Dancing with the Stars is well underway, and One Day At A Time actress Justina Machado is totally tearing up the dance floor with partner Sasha Farber. And while we’re excited to see her show off more of her moves with her DWTS partner, we’re also curious about her real life partner, actor and producer Emanuel Gironi. 

Who is Justina Machado’s boyfriend, Emanuel Gironi?

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Emanuel Gironi is an actor, producer, writer, and director who has worked on countless film and television productions. He’s best known as an actor for his roles on Tres Destinos, Cadeno Braga, and Marielena, which are all telenovelas that aired on Telemundo in the ‘90s. 

He’s guest-starred on many popular television series, including Encounters, One Day At A Time, Bless This Mess, S.W.A.T., and Boyle Heights.

As a producer, he’s best known for his work on the short films Blindsided, Simple Choice, The Mind Conjurers, Rent a Bad Student, and High Midnight. He also has director credits on all of those shorts, minus Blindsided, which was directed by Mike Quick.

Emanuel Gironi also used to produce plays and was involved in theatre in the ‘90s. In a throwback post on March 16, 2017, he posted a pic of the last play he produced, which dates all the way back to 1999.

“Remnants of the last play I produced in Los Angeles @LATC with my theatre company, Gaviota Productions, before closing it and starting Knock''em Alive Films,” he wrote. “‘Nights Of Full Moon’—many moon ago. Thanks for this Viví!”

When did Justina Machado and Emanuel Gironi start dating?

While it’s a little unclear when exactly Justina Machado and Emanuel Gironi officially started dating, but they’ve been involved since at least 2014. In fact, Emanuel’s first-ever Instagram photo is one of himself, Justina, and his mother posing at a convention in Los Angeles. The pic was posted on August 28, 2014, with the caption, “Justina, my mom and I at the Univision cocktail/NCLR national convention in L.A. some weeks ago.”


A post shared by Emanuel Gironi (@emanuelgironi) on Aug 28, 2014 at 12:11pm PDT

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What are Emanuel Gironi’s hobbies?

Judging from Emanuel’s Instagram profile, he’s a social butterfly and loves hanging out with family, friends, and of course, his girlfriend Justina. From the looks of it, he appreciates fine wine and cocktails, good food, and even better company. 

He is also clearly head over heels in love with Justina, as he’s always posting photos of her with adorable captions.


A post shared by Emanuel Gironi (@emanuelgironi) on May 13, 2016 at 5:37pm PDT

“Exquisitely priceless. Love you baby,” he captioned the above photo.

He also accompanies Justina on the red carpet and attends all of her events, and is totally her biggest fan, as he’s always promoting her work and the projects she’s in.

He’s close with Justina’s family.

Aside from spending a lot of time with Justina, Emanuel also likes to spend time with her family — including her brothers, Kenn Roman and Julian Roman. Emanuel and Justina even invited Kenn to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them this year, which is a super-sweet gesture on their part. Nothing like good old fashioned family time, right?

Justina Machado and Emanuel Gironi keep their relationship pretty private.

Aside from Emanuel posting pics of himself and Justina on his Instagram page, the couple keeps their relationship pretty private and out of the spotlight, which is a pretty hard thing to do when you’re a celebrity — especially for as long as they have!

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