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Big Brother 22 Cast Spoilers & Start Date

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Big Brother 22 Cast Spoilers & Start Date

It certainly seems like the whole world is playing a big game of Big Brother with everyone having to be stuck inside thanks to ongoing coronavirus quarantine regulations.

And while Big Brother casts are basically quarantined every summer, Big Brother 22 has yet to grace our screens, leaving fans wondering about the show's start date and cast members.

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If you are a Big Brother superfan like me, you have been anxiously awaiting the new season because it doesn’t feel like summer without it. It is sure to be filled with some crazy alliances, backdoors, lies, and long endurance competitions.

Not only will it be airing as usual, three nights a week, but fans can also follow along by watching the live feeds to really see what goes on inside the big brother house. 

What twists are in store? How many times will Julie Chen remind us to expect the unexpected? With the season being delayed and production usually wanting to keep details under wraps, we don’t have too much information.

However, there have been some juicy Big Brother rumors and spoilers circulating in the BB fandom. 

When will Big Brother return? 

CBS has not officially announced the date of Big Brother 22 premiering. However, in May 2019, they did confirm that it is coming back when they announced this year's program lineup.

California, where Big Brother is filmed, just got cleared to start up production again in June 2020. When they began production, it was rumored that the show would return in late July but it seems like it continues to get pushed back. TMZ even stated that the show just got pushed back again and the houseguests will go into quarantine at the end of July. Now, it is probable that we should expect the show to air in August.  

On July 2, Deadline claimed that construction has started on the house. In that same article, it was stated that before they are allowed to start filming, the producers still need to get union and guild approval to sign off. 

CBS has not officially made an announcement but it has been said that the houseguests will go into a 14-day quarantine before entering the house to make sure they don’t have COVID-19.   

Who is in the Big Brother 22 cast?

The cast of Big Brother 22 has not been officially announced yet. However, there have been some cast leaks and rumors.

It is highly likely that this season will be an “all-stars” season. The last and only time the show did an “all-stars” season was back in 2006 for season 7, when Mike Boogie won. So, it’s about time and it will hopefully be worth the wait. 

Us Weekly claimed the show was looking at prospective returnees at the beginning of June, to come back for its 20th anniversary season. 

Season 8 winner Evel Dick Donato tweeted in early June that Josh Martinez (season 19 winner), Paul Abrahamian (season 18 & 19 runner-up), Derrick Levasseur (season 16 winner), and Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie (season 16) will all return. 

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The other names that are circulating and the people that will probably be in the house are Kaycee Clark (season 20 winner), Tyler Crispen (season 20 runner-up), and fan favorites Janelle Pierzina (season 6, 7, & 14), Nicole Anthony (season 21), and Da’Vonne Rogers (season 17 & 18). 

It has also been rumored that Big Brother legend Dan Gheesling (season 10 winner) will be back for all-stars. However, he shut down those rumors on a live Q&A on his twitch channel. He said that he is retired for now. Maybe that is what he wants us to think because a lot of sources have claimed he would return and he isn’t very well known for being truthful. 

What is the Big Brother 22 theme? 

Although the theme of the season hasn’t been announced officially yet, a fan used a drone to get a bird's eye view of the house and took a picture. The fan got a very great picture of the backyard and it is clearly going through construction. In the photo, you can see a lot of pink and blue in a tye-dye style on a huge canvass.

As a guess, those canvasses will probably be the interior of the themed bedrooms. It may be a retro or throwback theme which makes sense since it will be an all-stars season.

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