Fun Facts About Annie Murphy's Husband, Menno Versteeg

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Who Is Annie Murphy's Husband? Everything To Know About Menno Versteeg
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Who is Annie Murphy's husband, Menno Versteeg?

You probably know Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, the spoiled brat who walks through life in really nice shoes. Contrary to the character she plays on Schitt's Creek, in real life Annie Murphy is happily married to her husband, Menno Versteeg.

The couple has been married since August 20, 2011.

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Who is Menno Versteeg?

Meeno Versteeg is a Canadian indie rock musician who used to be in a Candian indie rock band. He was the former lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Hollerado, which split in 2019. They announced their formal "break-up" after the release of their fourth album, Retaliation Vacation. Versteeg and fellow ex-bandmates, Nixon "Nick" Boyd, Dean Baxter, and Jake Boyd addressed the end of a musical era on Instagram.

"It was 12 years ago yesterday that we played our first ever show at our friend's bar in Montreal," they wrote, "Since then we’ve had the best time, all the time, and now it’s time to move on to other things. We are all still best friends in the world and will cherish every second that we got to spend playing music together. After nearly 2000 shows in too many countries to count, the thing we are most grateful for is the friends we made along the way. Still, all adventures have an end and we feel that we have reached ours. And, we wanted to say goodbye by making one last record. It’s the first one we made entirely ourselves (produced, engineered, mixed) and it was a total blast." Breaking up is always hard to do, but at least it happened on respectful terms.

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After his musical hiatus, he joined the band Anyway Gang.

On August 27, 2019, Versteeg posted to his Instagram about the formation of his new band. "Last summer," he wrote, " I got together with a few of my tour buds who also happen to be some of my favorite songwriters. We mostly made dad jokes but we also jammed on a bunch of 3 chord songs we all had lying around. We recorded a bunch of stuff in a few days and over the year we’d add some ideas here and there and all of a sudden a year had past and we realized we had kinda an album so we said let's name ourselves the first thing we thought of and release these. Anyway, we’re called Anyway Gang."

In addition to Versteeg, Anyway Gang is made up of Sam Roberts, Chris Murphy (from Sloan), and Dave Monks (from Tokyo Police Club.) In 2019, their debut album was released with Royal Mountain Records.

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Menno Versteeg founded the record label Royal Mountain Records. 

Royal Mountain Records signed Mac Demarco, U.S. Girls, Ought and Metz. It also discovered acts such as Alvvays, Pup, and Calpunia. In an interview, he claimed that the biggest challenge he faces as the founder of a record label is, "the pressure of knowing that every single band wants their project to be a success, that they want to quit their job and be a professional musician for the rest of their life, but also knowing no matter how hard they work and we work, that sometimes it just doesn’t pan out. "

He's an advocate for mental health.

In January of 2018, Versteeg created a mental health initiative for artists connected to his label. Full health benefits for all artists is the long term goal, but until then every band signed with Royal Mountain Records will have access to $1,500 for their mental wellness. In the past, Versteeg has struggled with his mental health. It wasn't until his wife was cast in Schitt's Creek that he was able to afford a therapist. 

He also composes music for television.

When he's not strumming his guitar, Versteeg is composing soundtracks for television. His music has appeared on The TrotskyKim's Convenience, and of course, Schitt's Creek.

Versteeg has also worked as an executive producer and actor for the TV series, The Plateaus. 

Murphy and Versteeg have written songs together.

In an interview, Versteeg reports, "When you're married to someone who's in a band, it's a very specific type of relationship. For the first half of Hollerado’s career, Annie was a struggling actress — she would get the odd commercial or bit part here and there, but she had a lot of time off. So she would often come on tour with the band, and that would involve sometimes coming onstage to sing with us." T

hus, lead to the creation of "Good Day At The Races" which Murphy wrote half the lyrics to. Their collaboration also lead to the iconic "A Little Bit Alexis."

Murphy said, "We knew it had to be funny and we knew it had to be kind of spoofy, but we all secretly wanted it to be a banger of a song that people would actually put on to pre-drink to and, you know, dance to at the club."

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