Fun Facts About Eugene Levy's Wife, Deborah Divine

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Who Is Eugene Levy's Wife? Everything To Know About Deborah Divine
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Eugene Levy is a name we all know.  He's starred in many iconic roles such as Noah Levenstein in the American Pie movies and Jimmy Murtaugh in the Cheaper by the Dozen films and of course, his Emmy-winning role as Johnny on Schitt's Creek. Whichever way you have come to know the Canadian star you may not have heard of his wife, Deborah Devine. Though she isn't as famous as her husband, she has dipped her hand in the entertainment industry.

Who is Eugene Levy's wife, Deborah Divine?

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Who is Deborah Divine?

Deborah Divine was born on August 6, 1959, in Canada where she grew up. She still holds her Canadian nationality with much pride. She began dating Levy in 1973. Four years later they married in June of 1977. The couple recited their vows in front of a very large crowd, about 300 people. The couple has been married a total of 43 years.

What does Deborah Divine do for a living?

Deborah Divine is a screenwriter, who has worked on projects like Higgin Boys and Gruber as well as The Edge of Night and Another World. She is best known for working on Manic Mansion as a writer. The show was a 1990s Canadian-American sitcom created by her husband. It's the only credit she has on her IMDb profile.

Who are Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine's kids?

Her husband is an amazing actor, but she also had two beautiful children with him, Dan and Sarah Levy. The two children are also very successful in the entertainment industry. Dan Levy is the creator of the hit TV series Schitt's Creek, of which Dan and Eugene Levy both won Emmys for at the 72nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Daughter Sarah also stars on the show as Twyla Sands and has been a part of several other projects. Not only did Deborah Divine give birth to two successful children, but she was the child of a famous Canadian singer herself. Patricia Divine was a famous singer in the late 40s and was even invited to sing in The Royal Conservatory toward the end of her career. Though her father's identity is hard to come by, Deborah Divine is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry.

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Deborah Divine is pretty funny on social media.

Divine's social media presence is strictly limited to Twitter and she's very active on it. Going through her feed, you most definitely can catch a laugh or two, especially if she's messing with her husband, children, or mother, proving that the comedy bone runs strong in the Levy family. She also tweets about how proud she is of her family.

What are Deborah Divine's hobbies?

Due most likely to her upbringing, she has a strong like for music. Divine has a particular interest in jazz and blues music — Louis Armstrong being a favorite. It's also been noted she enjoys a good movie or two. She almost always happily attends premieres with her husband. Some of her favorite films are those of Pretty Women and Sleepless in Seatle

Deborah Divine also is a big traveler. She adores visiting new places and traveling the world. With homes in Canada, Florida, and Los Angeles, the family is also known to vacation in Italy and France.

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