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Who Is Deborah Divine? Everything To Know About 'Schitt's Creek' Star Eugene Levy's Wife

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Eugene Levy is a name we all know. He's starred in many iconic roles such as Noah Levenstein in the "American Pie" movies, Jimmy Murtaugh in the "Cheaper by the Dozen" films, and, of course, his Emmy-winning role as Johnny on the comedy series "Schitt's Creek."

Whichever way you have come to know the Canadian star, you may not have heard of his wife, Deborah Devine. Though she isn't as famous as her husband, she has dipped her hand in the entertainment industry.

Who is Deborah Divine, Eugene Levy's wife?

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While she's the wife of a famous actor, Divine is actually the child of a Canadian singer. Patricia Divine was a famous singer in the late 40s and was even invited to sing in The Royal Conservatory toward the end of her career.

Though her father's identity is hard to come by, Deborah Divine is certainly no stranger to the entertainment industry.

How did Deborah Divine and Eugene Levy meet?

Deborah Divine was born on August 6, 1959 in Canada where she grew up. She still holds her Canadian nationality with much pride.

Eugene met Deborah in 1973 and the two began dating the same year. Four years later, they married in June of 1977. The couple recited their vows in front of a very large crowd of about 300 people. 

The couple has been married for 43 years!


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What does Deborah Divine do for a living?

Deborah Divine is a screenwriter who has worked on projects like "Higgin Boys" and "Gruber," as well as "The Edge of Night" and "Another World."

She's best known for working on "Manic Mansion" as a writer. The show was a 1990s Canadian-American sitcom created by her husband. It's the only credit she has on her IMDb profile.

Deborah has worked as a screenwriter, production manager, and producer, but being a mom seems to be her number one job as she's very supportive of both her children, Dan Levy and Sarah Levy.

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Who are Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine's kids?

Her husband is an amazing actor, but she also had two beautiful children with him, Dan and Sarah Levy. Her two children are also very successful in the entertainment industry.

Dan Levy is the creator of the hit TV series "Schitt's Creek", of which Dan and Eugene Levy both won Emmys for at the 72nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Daughter Sarah also stars on the show as Twyla Sands and has been a part of several other projects.

The show was filmed in Goodwood, Ohio, and Divine was the only Levy family member who wasn't featured on the show. The show ended in 2020 because the cast and crew thought it had a good and long run, and they wanted to prevent it from growing stale, tired or unwelcomed.

Surprisingly even though the kids were raised outside of the spotlight, they both chased their dreams of acting.

Dan Levy started his TV career as a cohost of "MTV Live" in Canada, to then writing, cohosting, and co-producing "The After Show," "The Hills: The After Show," and "The City: Live After Show." He started his first acting gig in "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" and later appearing in 2012’s "Cyberstalker," 2013’s "Admission," and then acted in his main role as David in "Schitt's Creek" from 2015-2020. He also acted in 2017’s "Robot Bullies" and 2018’s "Modern Family."

Sarah Levy started as an assistant for her father in "Cheaper By The Dozen 2" and then got her first acting role in 2011 in "XIII: The Series." She followed with several other roles in shows including "Larry Crowne," "Working the Engels," "Best Intentions," "United We Fall and All Rise," and is most known for her significant role in "Schitt's Creek," playing Twyla Sands. 

More recently, Sarah Levy starred in "The Surrealtor, Distancing Socially" and "Patty’s Auto" in 2020, both of which still haven't been released. 

Divine and Levy raised their kids in Canada.

Eugene and Deborah wanted to raise their kids outside of a show-biz environment as it was scary for the couple and they wanted the kids to have a normal childhood.

In an interview, Levy revealed why raising their kids in Canada was the best decision, "Toronto is just a very normal town. They could grow up with all options open to them of what they wanted to do. We didn’t want them to be locked into show business. Of course, the irony is they both went into acting — and now we’re all on a show together.”

Eugene Levy used to date Catherine O'Hara before marrying Deborah Divine.

Surprisingly, the TV couple, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, were a couple in real life before Eugene married Deborah Divine! O'Hara played Moira Rose in the comedy show.

On Bravos's "Watch What Happens Live," O'Hara told Andy Cohen that the two of them had a brief fling in Second City in Toronto. "So, everybody at Second City theater tried to date everybody. Like, 'He makes me laugh. I should go out with him' ... So, we did maybe one or two dates," she revealed.

O'Hara later went on to marry actor and director, Bo Welch.

Divine is pretty funny on social media.

Divine's social media presence is strictly limited to Twitter and she's very active on it. 

Going through her feed means having a laugh or two, especially if she's messing with her husband, children, or mother, proving that the comedy bone runs strong in the Levy family. She also tweets about how proud she is of her family.

Divine called out her son's bullies after he was chosen to host 'Saturday Night Live.'

In February 2021, Dan Levy was chosen to host an episode of "Saturday Night Live." After the announcement, Divine tweeted in support of her son, calling out the bullies that made his life miserable at Camp WTF in 1996.

How's that for a proud mama?

What are Deborah Divine's hobbies?

Due most likely to her upbringing, she has a strong like for music. Divine has a particular interest in jazz and blues music, with Louis Armstrong being a favorite. It's also been noted she enjoys a good movie or two.

She almost always happily attends premieres with her husband.

Deborah Divine also is a big traveler. She adores visiting new places and traveling the world. With homes in Canada, Florida, and Los Angeles, the family is also known to vacation in Italy and France.

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