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Amy Coney Barrett Is Trump's Pick To Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg — Meet Her Husband, Jesse Barrett

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Who Is Amy Coney Barrett’s Husband? Details About Jesse Barrett

The news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death rocked the world on Sept. 18, and while people across the globe are mourning her absence, while President Donald Trump named a few candidates who may succeed RBG on the Supreme Court, the nominee is officially Amy Coney Barrett, a former law professor who currently serves as a circuit judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

And while we’re curious about Amy’s credentials, we’re just as curious about her life outside of the courtroom, like who she’s married to and what her family life is like. 

Who is Amy Coney Barrett’s husband, Jesse Barrett?

Jesse Barrett is a lawyer and partner at SouthBank Legal in South Bend, Indiana, and served as the former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana. According to his LinkedIn bio, he “represents clients in complex commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense, internal investigations, and corporate compliance” and “counsels clients at all stages of litigation, from investigation through appeal.” 

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He also currently serves as an adjunct professor at Notre Dame Law School.

When did Amy Coney Barrett and Jesse Barrett get married?

Amy Coney Barrett and Jesse Barrett met while attending Notre Dame Law School, and have been married for at least 18 years. “It is humbling to be married to Amy Barrett,” he said. “You can’t outwork Amy. I’ve also learned you can’t outfriend Amy.”

What religion is Amy Coney Barrett and her husband?

Amy Coney Barrett and Jesse Barrett are allegedly a part of a controversial religious group called People of Praise. The group started in South Bend, Indiana, where the Barrett family resides, and has practicing members in South Bend, Indiana, Falls Church, Virginia, and Eagan, Minnesota.

Although the Barrett family are devout Catholics, People of Praise welcomes people of various sectors of Christianity. “Jesus desires unity for all people. We live out this unity the best we can, in spite of the divisions within Christianity. We are Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians and other denominational and nondenominational Christians,” the People of Praise website reads. 

“Despite our differences, we are bound together by our Christian baptism. Despite our differences, we worship together,” the description continues. “While remaining faithful members of our own churches, we have found a way to live our daily lives together.”

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The group is considered controversial for a few reasons, though, and some worry that Barrett’s ties to the organization may be a huge issue if she’s selected as RBG’s replacement. It was reported that members adhere to “a life-long oath of loyalty” to the People of Praise, and that each member of the group is assigned a “head” for male members and a “handmaiden” for women members. 

It has been reported that members of People of Praise look to their “heads” or “handmaidens” for help with making big decisions, even so much as who they should marry.

Who are Amy Coney Barrett and Jesse Barrett’s kids?

Amy Coney Barrett and Jesse Barrett have seven children in total: five biological children and two adopted children from Haiti. 

Amy and Jesse keep their family life extremely private; in fact, one of the few times Amy has opened up about her and Jesse’s family is during her confirmation hearing in 2017. 

"Emma is 16. The first apple of our eye. Vivian, directly next to Emma, is 13. Vivian is our miracle. Vivian joined our family — she was born in Haiti and she came home when she was 14 months old, and she weighed 11 pounds and she was so weak we were told she might never walk normally or speak,” she revealed.

“Today, Vivian is a track star, and I assure you she has no trouble talking,” she continued. “Tess, sitting next to Vivian, is also 13 years old. Both in 8th grade. She's one of the most compassionate and determined people that I know."

“John Peter is 10. He was born in Haiti. He joined our family in 2010 when he was three years old after the devastating earthquake. Liam is 8. Typically curious 8-year-old. And Juliet is our spunky 6-year-old. Benjamin, our youngest, is five,” she added. “He has special needs. That presents unique challenges for all of us. But I think all you need to know about Benjamin’s place in the family is summed up by the fact the other children unreservedly identify him as their favorite sibling.”

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