Best Workout Apps & Everything You Need For Effective Exercise At Home

Stay active without breaking the bank ... or your back.

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The way we work out is just another item on the list of things that have changed in 2020. For most of us, our gyms are closed (or they’re open, but we’re doing our part and staying at home). Fortunately, we have compiled a budget-friendly list of the best workout apps and everything you need for effective exercise at home.

Quarantine life has given some of us a significant amount of free time that we didn’t have before. However, it has also cut down on how much activity we get a day — how many steps can you really get in if you're not supposed to leave your house? This has caused us to take matters into our own hands and try at home workouts.


A study done by FitRated showed that during the pandemic, people have spent an average of $204 on workout apps and equipment and 72% of people said they planned on keeping their workouts at home even after the pandemic!

So what are some of your options to really kick your home workouts into high gear?

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Best Workout Apps

1. Aaptiv: free

Aaptiv is one of the best workout apps for beginners because it starts you out with a short quiz to assess your goals and current fitness level.

My favorite part of this app is its interactivity. It mixes audio cues with your playlist so that you stay motivated throughout your workout.

Aaptiv can be used for any type of workout and implements the type of equipment you’re using. Whether you have a cardio machine or no equipment at all, Aaptiv will create a killer workout for you.

2. Freeletics: free

Freeletics is focused mainly on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. The app offers a large variety of HIIT workouts ranging anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes in length. There is a coach to guide you through the workout and explain how to perform each exercise.


You also have the option of giving feedback so that your future workouts are designed just for you.  

3. 7-Minute Workout: free

Quick-Fit is perfect for anyone who wants to work out but is always short on time. The workouts are super short but super effective. The options include yoga, abs, or fat-burning intervals.

You can use this app to get in a full workout or to incorporate some activity in short spurts throughout your day.

4. Obé: 30-day free trial, then $27 monthly

Obé features a variety of fitness classes that are sure to get your heart pumping. You choose between live classes or on-demand. They offer everything from HIIT and cardio dance to boxing. If you’re looking for less of a cardio workout, they also offer yoga.


Obé is also a great option for moms as they have pre- and post-natal workouts available as well. Want to get your kids in on the fun? Obé offers workouts tailored to kids as well!

5. MD TV: $12.99 monthly

This app offers exclusive members-only workouts that can be chosen based on the amount of time you have available or the kind of workout you want to perform. All of the workouts are instructed by celebrity trainers such as Anja Garcia and many more.

If you want to work out like a Kardashian but stay within your budget, this app is for you.

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Good Equipment for an At-Home Workout:

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, otherwise known as booty bands, are a staple item to up your workout game (and gains). Resistance bands come in different levels of resistance and can usually be bought in a pack. This way you can start with the largest one and work your way down as your workouts become more challenging.

Bands are cost-effective and can be used anywhere, for any part of your body. Not just your booty!

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.


Okay, when I say dumbbells I’m not suggesting that you run out and buy 50lb weights. You really only need three sets of weights: five, eight, and ten pounds. Lighter weights will help you to tone different muscle groups without creating a bulky physique.


It’s important to have a variety because for some exercises you may need to rotate between a lighter and heavier weight. You can also use this combination to start small and increase your weight as you progress. However, if you’re looking to increase muscle size rather than just tone up, feel free to increase your weights past ten pounds!

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are best known for their ability to increase resistance during abdominal exercises, but they can be used for so much more! Using a medicine ball can help you work on every muscle group, not just your abs. Try adding it to glute and upper body exercises as well.

Similar to the dumbbells, you may want to get a variety of medicine balls so that you can change the weight as you progress. Medicine balls are another cost-effective way to use equipment without taking up a ton of space.


Check prices and reviews on Amazon.


Although many of us haven’t used a jump rope since second-grade gym class, they are a fantastic way to implement cardio into your workout. Adding minute intervals of jumping rope into your workouts will get your heart rate up and use all muscle groups. If you hate running or don’t want to spend money on a treadmill, this is a great cardio alternative.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

Tips for Getting the Best Workout at Home

Unfortunately, most of us are used to going to a gym where we could take a class or use fairly self-explanatory equipment, so left to our own devices, we’re clueless.


Working out at home can be tough for a number of reasons. You might be having a hard time staying motivated or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

To get started, set aside at least thirty minutes a day to be your scheduled workout time. Mark it on your calendar, set an alarm, anything you need to do to hold yourself accountable.

To eliminate interruptions, inform your partner, kids, or anyone else living in your household that you will be unavailable during this block of time. Designate a specific area of your home to be your "gym." It doesn’t have to be super spacious and you don’t have to rearrange furniture, just make sure you have an area to show up to.

Now that you have a set time and place you can decide on what equipment and workout apps you want to utilize.


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