Iron Chef Cat Cora Claims Ex-Wife Is ‘Out To Destroy Her’: All The Messy Details About Their Relationship

This is getting really messy.

Who Is Cat Cora’s Ex-Wife? Details About Jennifer Cora YouTube

Celebrity chef Cat Cora made some bombshell allegations about her ex-wife, Jennifer Cora, on Sept. 16, claiming that she’s out to “destroy her,” even though their divorce has been finalized since 2016. “It’s cyber-stalking, mental and emotional distress and abuse,” she said, adding, “It’s a nightmare that I can’t wake up from.” And while fans of Iron Chef and all things Food Network are familiar with Cat Cora, we’re curious about her ex-wife, their relationship, and where it all went wrong.


Who is Cat Cora’s ex-wife?

Cat Cora’s ex-wife is Jennifer Cora. Not much is known about Cat’s ex-wife, as it seems like she doesn’t have social media accounts and pretty much stays off the grid. 

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When did Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora get married?

Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora got married in June of 2013 and divorced in 2015, although they had been together since 1998. “It is with great sadness, that after 17 years, a tremendous amount work, careful consideration and heavy hearts, my wife and I have mutually decided to no longer remain married," Cat said at the time. "In love, there is a season, a reason and a lifetime."

Their divorce was finalized in 2016. Cat Cora married award-winning producer Nicole Ehlrich in 2018, and has been in a happy marriage with “the love of her life” for the past few years. 



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Who are Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora’s kids?

Cat and Jennifer Cora share four children together: Zoran, Nash, Thatcher, and Caje. After their divorce, the former couple vowed to always put their kids first, no matter where their relationship stood after the split.

“Although this is not what we ever imagined, we will always have four incredible reasons to celebrate our years together: our sons,” Cat said. “We are forever parents to our boys and are jointly committed to raising them in a peaceful, nurturing and healthy environment.”

Cat also opened up about her and Jennifer’s pregnancy journeys and how they had to go through the adoption process multiple times, saying, “The doctor implanted Jennifer and me with each other’s eggs. So she gave birth to Caje, but he’s my biological child. I carried Nash, but he’s Jennifer’s biological child.”



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“As a same-sex couple, we had to go back and legally adopt them,” she added. “Even though Nash was her biological son, Jennifer had to adopt him. Same with me and Caje.”


What other allegations is Cat Cora making against Jennifer Cora?

How much time do you have? Cat Cora alleges that since 2015, Jennifer Cora has been making her life a living nightmare. Cat’s wife, Nicole, compared Jennifer to Ted Bundy, saying, “her power and happiness comes from making Cat miserable.”

Earlier in September, Cat filed a petition for a domestic restraining order against Jennifer after multiple instances of Jennifer “cornering” Cat in public places and making a scene. 

“Her parents witnessed it, ALL 6 kids (two of which are Nicole’s kids) saw or heard her cornering Nicole….Jennifer got up in Nicole’s face, it was pretty shocking,” the document reads.

“She’s such an uncooperative co-parent,” Cat claimed. “For instance, she’s taken me to court fifteen times in four years and has basically bankrupted me by having to defend myself.”


Yikes. Sounds like even though the relationship has been over for years, the drama isn’t going anywhere.

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