Surprise Vegas Wedding Alert! Everything To Know About Lily Allen's Husband, David Harbour

There was an Elvis impersonator involved.

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Wedding bells were ringing in Vegas this week when Lily Allen and her beau David Harbour headed to Sin City to get hitched. The couple filed for a marriage license yesterday then headed to the chapel to get married less than 24 hours later. This is the second marriage for Allen and the first time down the aisle for Harbour.

Harbour is an actor with an impressive list of credits, not the least of which is his role in Stranger Things. He set to start in the forthcoming Black Widow movie as well. He and Allen have been a couple since sometime in 2019 and while they never announced their engagement officially, she has been flashing bling on her Instagram page for quite some time. 


Who is Lily Allen's husband, David Harbour?

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David Harbour is a star of Stranger Things.

Audiences know Harbour from his role of Chief Hopper on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. The show has been a watershed moment for him, catapulting him to fame and opening a lot of other opportunities since the series started in 2017. He told reporters that it was the  “complete pivotal apex moment in my career, in my artistic life,” and he feels that "Hop" is the most interesting character he has ever played. There were worries that he had been killed off at the end of season three but the new season promises some surprises so and the fate of Hop will be among them. 



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Harbour and Allen in 2020.

David Harbour has something in common with his character, Hop. 

One of the character traits that his fictional character shares with the real person is a substance abuse issue. Hopper is an alcoholic and Harbour has struggled with addiction and recovery since he was in his early 20s. He talked about his long experience with drugs and alcohol with Marc Maron in 2018 and explained that his experiences were complicated by the fact that he also has bipolar disorder. 


Addiction is also something he shares with Lily Allen.

Lily Allen has also been open with her own history with drug abuse, sex addiction, and mental illness. As recently as August 2020, Allen was counting down her most recent stretch of sobriety, posting on Instagram that she was one year sober and celebrating on a solo trip to Italy. Having a romantic partner who knows the battle to stay sober can only be helpful to both of them. 

Harbour is an award-winning actor.

Stranger Things may have been a breakout moment for Harbour but he had a career long before that. He has been appearing in films and television for close to 20 years, with appearances in movies like Suicide Squad and Green Hornet, as well as TV series such as The Newsroom and Pan Am. Not only that, but he has had a thriving stage career as well and even got nominated for a Tony Award for his portrayal of Nick in Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf in 2005. He was also in a 2012 revival of Glengarry Glen Ross where he starred opposite Al Pacino. He's snagged a Critics Choice Award for his role on Stranger Things 2018, as well as being recognized with when the cast won Best Ensemble form the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2017. 

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How long have David Habour and Lily Allen been dating?

The couple has been dating since 2019. Harbour didn't broadcast the early stages of his relationship with the British singer, but they had been spotted out and about in New York City together a few months before making a red carpet debut together in 2020. They appeared at the SAG Awards in January and have been open about their relationship ever since. Well, mostly open. They never talked about the major diamond Allen started sporting in Instagram photos this spring. She played coy about it in the comments, only saying “The first rule of engagement club…” and letting fans ponder whether that meant she was engaged and just not talking about it. 


David Harbour and Lily Allen had a Vegas wedding this week.

The rumor mill went wild on September 8 when the couple applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas. The following day, they made it official, with Allen wearing a short white dress with a veil and Harbour sporting a navy suit. They got hitched at the Graceland Chapel and an Elvis impersonator performed the ceremony. For a post-wedding celebratory meal, they went to In'n'Out Burger. In photos that Allen posted of the big day, it looks like her kids from her previous marriage may have been present but we can't really say for sure. 

Yes, that is an Elvis impersonator. 


We don't know what kind of honeymoon plans this pair has (what can top an Elvis wedding?) but we do know that Harbour is looking forward to the release of Black Widow, scheduled for November

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