Why Are Aries So Cool?

To know one is to love one.

Why Are Aries So Cool? Mateusz Kropiwnicki/Shutterstock.com

Aries might be known for their fiery passion, but did you know they are fun to be around?

Aries is a friend to all, and they love to help others when needed.

But what makes Aries so cool?

They are outgoing and extroverted. They know that bravery comes easily and that it brings new ideas that are different than the normal routine.

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Aries needs to be independent. They understand how it makes them so cool to others.

Aries knows that intellect helps them to solve problems that others might not be able to, and so they love learning and exploring the world.

Aries makes great friends and they are fun to hang around.

Read on to see more reasons why Aries are so cool, per astrology:

Aries are adventurous.

An Aries is always ready for anything new, you don’t have to ask them twice. Even at times when it seems boring, they will try their best to spice things up.

They go into things with a positive attitude: In any social setting, an Aries is able to maintain an upbeat attitude without any problem. They never feel awkward, even in new situations.


Loyalty is their priority.

Aries won’t make their friends feel bad or let them down, they believe in being there for those they are close with at all times. Just make sure not to make them mad, because that loyalty can stop very quickly.

They can be very honest.

In some ways, this can be a bad thing. But if you need someone to tell you as it is, Aries is the best person to come to.

Aries are so independent.

Aries are good on their own and won’t be bugging their friends to lend them money and/or things. You don’t need to worry about them, Aries can handle things on their own with no problems.

They are trustworthy.

Along with being very honest, they can be trusted with anything. They expect everyone to keep their secrets, so that means they will keep secrets easily in return.


Aries are generous to those they love.

They might come off as a rock when you first meet them, but they are actually happy to help out when they can. Aries like to spoil those close to them to show their affection.

They are ambitious in life.

Similar to being adventurous, Aries is always looking for the bigger picture. Life is too short to wait for things to fall on their laps.

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Aries make great friends.

Another thing that makes Aries so cool is how easy they make friends. Aries are easy to get along with and love to have many people to do activities with.

Just keep in mind that they rarely keep long-term friendships. So keep it casual and skip the awkward greetings if you haven’t spoken in a while, just start things off by asking them if they would like to join you.


Aries are cool in that they aren’t the type to just sit around in a cafe and do small talk. They are the best to take along with when wanting to try something new, like sky-diving or mud wrestling.

They are direct and honest.

Aries let people know how they feel right away.

They help you get out of situations easier by not hiding their true feelings and teach you how to be uncomfortable when it's good for growth.


Aries are daring.

An Aries won't let things hold them back. Do that thing you have always wanted to do, is Aries' motto, just make sure it’s not too dangerous.

They are easygoing and positive.

Life isn’t fun when you are always uptight. Let loose and face every day with an open mind and a great mind, this will open up new possibilities and opportunities that they would have never noticed before.

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