Everything To Know About Joanna Teplin, Home Organization Star Of Netflix's 'The Home Edit'

She's about to inspire us all to clean our houses.

Who Is Joanna Teplin? Everything To Know About Home Organization Star Of 'The Home Edit' On Netflix Youtube

If you happen to be one of The Home Edit's 1.6 million Instagram followers, you're already familiar with this organizational service that has quickly become a celebrity favorite. With clients like Mandy Moore and the Kardashians and a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, it's easy to see why some people wish that their entire lives could be reorganized by The Home Edit's co-founders, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. 


Now, The Home Edit is going Netflix with a new series called Get Organized With The Home Edit, which debuts on the streaming service on September 9.

But before the series premiere, who is Joanna Teplin, one of the women behind Home Edit?

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Joanna Teplin started her business in 2015 after moving to Nashville.

Teplin and Shearer met in 2015 when both of their husbands got job offers that took them from their homes in California (Teplin lived in San Francisco while Shearer was from Los Angeles) to Nashville. Both of them wanted to start their own organization company on their own, but after meeting for coffee when a friend introduced them, they decided to start a business together instead, and the rest is history. 

Joanna Teplin is pretty private on social media. 

While Teplin does have an Instagram account, it's private, and even on The Home Edit's Instagram account, Teplin keeps what she shares about her personal life to a minimum, which is a sharp contrast to how much Shearer shares about her day-to-day life outside of the business. She may be in the spotlight because of the wild success of her business, but when it comes to her private life, she has it locked down. 

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Who is Joanna Teplin's husband?

Teplin is married to Jeremy Rubin, who works as a promotions manager at Warner Bros. Music — and whose Instagram also happens to be private. Together, they have two children, a son and a daughter named Miles Reid and Marlowe Aerin. 


Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer seem to have become close friends.



A post shared by THE HOME EDIT ® (@thehomeedit) on Oct 18, 2019 at 7:17pm PDT

After more than five years of working together, Shearer and Teplin truly seem to have bonded over their mutual love of organization (and how much they adore Schitt's Creek). Even when they're not working together, they seem to be inseparable, which is convenient considering how much time they spend together for work and how often that requires them to travel together. 

Joanna Teplin doesn't want people to stress about being organized.

In a blog post she wrote in 2015, Telpin wrote about how she didn't want peoople to feel guilty when they don't have time to keep their homes and lives organized, especially when those people happen to be busy moms.


"You are a busy mom and some projects may need to wait and that is okay… It is okay to not be a fictional superhero (or the Princess of Pinterest).  You are one person, with limited hours, limited energy and likely limited sleep… It is okay to not have literally and proverbially opened the baby book," she wrote. 

Joanna Teplin loves helping people feel more efficient.

In an interview, Telpin shared that she loves when she can help someone get organized to allow them to feel calmer at home or at work.


"I LOVE helping my clients organize their space/s (home office, master bedroom retreat, etc.) so that they feel calm and efficient when they start and finish each day," she said. "Loving your space and having it function at it’s maximum capacity can transform your mood and general productivity level."

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