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Who Is Sasha Cobra? Everything To Know About Tantra Guru Featured In Netflix's '(Un)Well'

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Who Is Sasha Cobra? Everything To Know About Tantra Guru Featured In Netflix's '(Un)Well'

In the new Netflix docuseries (Un)Well, different facets of the health and wellness industry are explored and, in some cases, exposed ... including when it comes to the tantric sex and yoga trend. One of the teachers and energy workers featured in the second episode of the series is Sasha Cobra, a tantra teacher who claims to be able to teach people how to achieve a "full-body orgasm," among other things — despite the fact that she's never had any formal training.

Who is Sasha Cobra, tantric guru from Netflix's (Un)Well?

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Sasha Cobra considers herself an expert in the art of "tantra." 


A post shared by Sasha Cobra (@sashacobra) on Jul 9, 2020 at 12:04pm PDT

According to her bio on her website, Cobra describes herself as a "teacher, healer, and energy worker with a focus on Spirituality and Sexuality." 

"Her expertise in sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, conscious relating and conscious lovemaking, has gained her 1000s of clients in over 50 countries across 6 continents, including sex therapists, coaches, teachers, doctors, scientists, CEO's, professional athletes, and celebrities," her site says. "After having worked exclusively with men for 8 years, she has officially opened the work to women, and continues to share her wisdom globally via a variety of speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and private sessions." 

Cobra says she is committed to "The Work." 

Cobra calls what she does "The Work," which she says is meant to bring people back to what is "real and essential" to life: Love and truth. 

 "It inspires us to look at all of our ways of 'being', within and without, encouraging us to live a more conscious life in every aspect of our existence," she says on her site. "This body oriented work, coupled with practical wisdom, offers solutions to some of life’s greatest struggles, and reminds us that being human is an orgasmic, loving, joyous, compassionate experience to be had and shared with ourselves and the world." 

Sasha Cobra's services are available to be booked privately. 

If anyone who watched (Un)Well is interested in hiring Cobra, aside from her workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements, she does offer private sessions — for a pretty hefty price. For just an hourlong phone consultation, Sasha's rates begin at $225, while virtual energy work sessions start at $575 with in person sessions priced at as much as $2,200 for a three hour session and one hour consultation where she's located in Puerto Rico.

Who is Sasha Cobra dating?


A post shared by Sasha Cobra (@sashacobra) on Feb 20, 2020 at 10:42pm PST

Though most of her Instagram posts are centered on her work, she does occasionally offer her followers a glimpse into her pesronal life, including her relationship. She seems to be dating a man named Enri, although she hasn't disclosed too much about their relationship — just that they spend a lot of time together traveling.

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Sasha Cobra has her own YouTube channel.

Cobra also shares her expertise on YouTube, including a series on sexuality, which seems to be what much of her practice is based around. She has almost 6,000 subscribers, though she may end up with even more once people have watched her (and become curious about her teachings) on (Un)Well. 

On TikTok, Cobra also shares her teachings.

Recently, Cobra started her own TikTok account, talking about the energy around us and her thoughts on current events, like propaganda and the pandemic. She definitely has an interesting take on things, whether or not people agree with her, and now that she has a larger platform, it wouldn't be surprising if we started seeing more of her.

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