Interesting Facts About Kevin McCarthy’s Wife, Judy McCarthy

Meet Judy McCarthy!

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is set to speak on behalf of President Trump on the second night of the Republican National Convention on August 25. Although McCarthy is a well-known politician who’s been a California representative for countless years, we’re wondering more and more about his personal life — particularly, who Kevin McCarthy is married to, and what his family is like.  


Who is Kevin McCarty's wife, Judith McCarthy?

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Who is Judith McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy’s wife is Judy McCarthy. She grew up in Bakersfield, California, and has made quite the name for herself in the small Southern California town. 


"Judy is the ultimate 'there you are' person, always looking for a way to support the people around her, and treats everyone with respect," her close friend Sally Thornberry said

She’s also not afraid to speak her mind and poke fun at her politician husband. ““He thinks he knows every word of every song, but he sings them all wrong,” she said of Kevin in 2014.

How did Kevin McCarthy and Judy McCarthy meet?

Kevin McCarthy and Judy McCarthy met when they were in biology class at Bakersfield High School.

"I actually liked one of his friends, but you know, Kevin's personality wins you over, and he doesn't give up," she joked. 

Kevin McCarthy and Judy McCarthy are high school sweethearts, and got married in 1992. The pair still live in the first home they bought together in Bakersfield, California. 



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What does Kevin McCarthy’s wife do for a living?

Before getting into politics, Kevin McCarthy opened his own deli with lottery winnings when he was just 21 years old, and Judy reportedly worked for and with him there. He later sold the deli to put himself through college and grad school at California State University — Bakersfield.


In 2014, Judy MCarthy served as a trustee at Ford’s Theatre — the site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Ford's Theatre Society Director Paul R. Tetreault praised Judy for her involvement with the theatre, saying, "Judy has true passion for our mission to celebrate the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln. We are delighted to have both her and Congressman McCarthy's involvement in our important work.”

Since 2014, Judy McCarthy has also worked full-time for the California Republican Party, raking in a whopping $160,000 per year.

Who are Kevin McCarthy’s kids?

Kevin McCarthy and Judy McCarthy have two children together, a daughter named Meghan and a son named Connor. 

In celebration of Meghan’s 24th birthday a few weeks ago, Kevin posted a collage of photos on his Instagram account, along with a heartwarming caption that read, “Join me in wishing our @megkaymccarthy a happy 24th birthday. She is so beautiful, smart, sassy, witty and loyal. Happy Birthday Meg, you make me the luckiest Dad in the world. I Love You!”


Kevin’s oldest child, Connor McCarthy, celebrated his engagement to fiance Emily Norris last December. While the two have yet to wed, Kevin wished Emily a happy birthday on his Instagram page, writing, “Join me in wishing Emily a Happy Birthday. Can’t wait until you become our daughter-in-love. As you can tell I can always make @emilyannnorris smile, especially on her bday.”


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