Who Is Steve Scalise's Wife? Everything To Know About Jennifer Scalise

Meet Jennifer Scalise.

Who Is Steve Scalise's Wife? Everything To Know About Jennifer Scalise YouTube

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is set to speak at the Republican National Convention on August 24 to endorse Donald Trump for his 2020 re-election campaign.

And while many people are familiar with Steve Scalise, who was one of the government officials that was gravely injured during a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia in 2017, we’re eager to know more about his life outside of the political ring — including his relationship and family. 


Who is Steve Scalise’s wife, Jennifer Scalise?

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When did Steve Scalise and Jennifer Scalise get married?

Steve Scalise and Jennifer Scalise got married in 2005 at the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana. After their wedding, Steve and Jennifer honeymooned in Europe.

What does Jennifer Scalise do for a living?

It's unknown what Jennifer Scalise does for a living or if she is employed, but she’s definitely a full-time mom to her and Steve Scalise’s children. If you look through Steve’s Instagram, you can see that Jennifer Scalise loves spending time with her family and supports them no matter what.



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Who are Steve Scalise and Jennifer Scalise’s kids?

Steve Scalise and Jennifer Scalise have two children; a girl named Madison who turned 13 in March and a younger son named Harrison, who is a Boy Scout. 



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Steve Scalise regularly posts about Harrison’s Boy Scout adventures on his Twitter account, and in 2015, Steve posted about Madison’s First Communion, writing that he was “so proud” of her. 


What happened to Steve Scalise?

During a practice session for the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in 2017, Steve Scalise was shot by left-wing activist James T. Hodgkinson and was gravely injured during the attack. 

In an interview with ABC News’ 60 Minutes, Steve Scalise spoke about the attack with Jennifer by his side, saying, “I found out later just how much damage was done internally. My femur was shattered.”

“The hip and pelvis had serious damage where the bullet went through and, you know, did some damage to areas that had to be shored up with steel plates and then they did a phenomenal job of rebuilding, you know, kind of the, rebuilding Humpty Dumpty,” he added. “I mean, there were, there was a lot of damage inside that had to get fixed.”


Jennifer Scalise released a statement shortly after the attack, part of which read, “We are especially appreciative of the strong outpouring of love and support from our neighbors, friends, from Louisiana and across the country, as well as from President Trump, Vice President Pence, and all of Steve's colleagues who have reached out to us during this most challenging time.”

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