90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Deavan Clegg Has A New Korean Boyfriend! Meet Topher Park

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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Who Is Deavan's New Boyfriend, Topher Park?
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The couples of 90 Day Fiancé always have high hopes for happily-ever-after but the dreams and the reality don't always match. That seems to be what's happening with TLC couple Deavan and Jihoon right now. The rumor is that Utah native Deavan Clegg has left her husband in South Korea and headed home to pursue a divorce. 

90 Day Fiancé: Who is Deavan's new boyfriend, Topher Park? 

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Not only that, but she is also apparently pursuing another man. According to online rumors, Clegg has hooked up with an actor and model in Los Angeles named Topher Park. We aren't totally clear on when the mother of two started seeing her new man, but it seems like this new relationship is part of a final split from the husband she married only a year ago. 

Why did Deavan dump Jihoon?

Just to share a little background on this story, Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in 2019. The couple explained that they initially met online and Lee traveled to the U.S. to meet in person. That trip led to a pregnancy and Clegg later gave birth to the couple's son. She already had a daughter from a previous relationship. The romance between Lee and Clegg was fraught from the beginning.

Not only did they not know each other well but Lee's family was not excited about an unplanned pregnancy or their son marrying a single mother from America. To make matters more complicated, Lee had not fully explained to Clegg that he was basically unemployed and owed the South Korean government money from a prior arrest for selling stolen property. Despite all this, the couple got married and Clegg spent time moving back and forth between the two countries. The current season of the show has been revealing escalating tensions between the couple, many of them about his inability to support a family. The latest rumors place Clegg back in Utah with both of the children and it seems like she doesn't have any intention of returning to her husband. She has even allegedly started a new relationship with a man named Topher Park. 

Who is Topher Park?

According fan sites, Clegg isn't wasting any time moving on from her failed marriage. She is allegedly already dating a new man name Topher Park who is based out of Los Angeles. Park is an actor, model, musician, and fashion designer. He also is the co-founder of an online magazine called "tophandher" but it hasn't produced any new material since December 2019. 

Has Topher Park been in any major movies?

Park seems to have been acting for about six years, something he got into with his theatre studies at the University of California at Riverside. Most of his work has been in short films and indie projects, including files evocatively named Boned and Fluid. Despite this eyebrow-raising titles, the projects aren't adult films, even if they won't be showing up at a major movie theatre chain any time soon.

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Topher Park is also a model. 

In his IMDB bio, Park mentions that he did professional modeling and was in a campaign for Samsung at one point. He's also a big fan of posting shirtless selfies on his Instagram page. The modeling is something he and Clegg have in common; she is also a model and often showcases her work on her social media accounts as well. In a 2019 interview, Park said that fashion and modeling are his real passions, though he didn't elaborate on any plans to start his own line or what his future in modeling might be. 

Topher Park in 2020. 

Topher Park and Jihoon Lee are both Korean.

It's impossible not to notice that Park is also of Korean descent, just like Clegg's estranged husband Lee. In a now-expired Instagram live, she remarked that she had dated Asian men and likes "their culture" and she has always found Asian men attractive. It's safe to say that Clegg has a type and Park fits it.

How did Topher Park and Deavan Clegg meet?

Sources say that Clegg and Park met through mutual friends and started dating only after she came back to America and decided her marriage was beyond saving. Sources also claim that Park isn't interested in capitalizing on Clegg's reality TV fame. He allegedly knows all about the show but doesn't want to be a part of it himself, which is an unusual approach for someone in show business. 

What does the future hold for this couple?

It seems like they are taking things slower that Clegg did when she met Lee. of course, it helps that she didn't get pregnant the first time she met Park so they don't have to make the kind of snap decisions she and Lee were forced to make. According to reports, Park hasn't even met her kids yet. They do seem to have traveled to see one another, however, and it looks like the rumors about their relationship are true. 

TLC hasn't said anything about the latest news about Clegg but the tell-all for this season hasn't filmed yet. It's possible we will learn more about Clegg and park when that finally airs. 

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