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Are Deavan And Jihoon Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Stars And Their Current Relationship Status

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Are Deavan And Jihoon Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Stars And Their Current Relationship Status

The team at TLC has had repeated success with different variations on the show 90 Day Fiancé. The franchise follows the basic premise of tracking relationships between an American and a partner from a different country.

Audiences have seen foreign fiancés move to the U.S., lovestruck Americans visit their lovers abroad, and watched what happens after the wedding when couples try to settle into married life.

Then, last summer, TLC launched 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, in which U.S. nationals move overseas in the name of true love.

One of the couples featured on the inaugural season of the franchise was Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee. The couple met on a dating app, and Lee flew from South Korea to Salt Lake City to meet Clegg in person.

Their first meeting resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Then, Clegg wanted to move to South Korea to start a life together.

90 Day Fiancé: Are Deaven and Jihoon still together?

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With the second season premiering this month, fans will be able to see what's been going on with the couple and what their status is today.

What is coming next for this couple? Are Deavan and Jihoon still together? Read on for all the details.

They met online.

Clegg, 22, lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her young child from a previous relationship. Lee, 29, is from South Korea, where he grew up in a traditional family. The pair met over a dating app and, eventually, Lee decided to come visit Clegg in the U.S.

The couple said their connection in person was so strong that they were intimate on the first night they were together. That intimacy resulted in a pregnancy.

Clegg has a significant social media following.

The Utah resident has an extensive Instagram presence, and appears to be a social media model and influencer, so she’s no stranger to attention. She talked on Insta about her eperience filming the show.

Fans asked her about her experience on the show. She commented that she thought it would be interesting watching episodes as they aired and seeing herself as others see her. She also confessed that it was odd having cameras follow her around, but she eventually got used to it.

She was cagey about where she was living — when a fan asked if she was in South Korea, she simply told them to tune in to TLC to watch the series.


A post shared by Deavan Clegg (@deavanclegg) on May 24, 2019 at 10:44am PDT

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What about Lee?

Audiences didn’t learn as much about Lee at first, but he also has an Instagram page. He posts a lot of photos of his dog and some travel photos. He also shares plenty of pictures of himself and Clegg, as well as Clegg’s daughter from a prior relationship.

Based on his social media posts, he seemed to have been all in on being a parent to both Clegg’s older child and the child they were going to have together. He also didn’t say much about what he does for a living.

They dealt with a lot of drama.

Like all couples on the hit series, Clegg and Lee weren't without their real drama.

Managing the unexpected pregnancy was the first big obstacle they were facing. Lee couldn’t even be in the U.S. for the birth for some reason — the initial promos had showed him and his own parents watching a livestream of the baby’s delivery.

Then, there are his parents. He indicates that they are very traditional and old fashioned, and they aren’t comfortable with the pre-marital pregnancy situation. He tells Clegg that they are embarrassed and she is later shown in a confessional pondering how they might think she is the worst possible choice for their son.

Love seemed to win out for this couple, as Lee was also shown proposing to Clegg. But in another clip, she asks him, “I’m just wondering if you want to marry me because of love and not 'cause of just being pregnant.”

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What happened next?

TLC is famously restrictive with what they let cast members say in interviews and on social media. They don’t want any spoilers to slip out and discourage fans from tuning in every week to soak up all the drama in real time.

Because of that, there was no clear information about where Clegg and Lee were after the first season came to a close. However, Lee was still posting photos of himself and Clegg’s older child with captions saying he missed her and the hashtag #daughter.

Did that mean that they were married now, but not in the same country for some reason? No one really knew for sure.

Clegg suffered a miscarriage.

Last fall, the couple experienced tragedy.

Clegg announced that she and Lee miscarried their second child, saying on Instagram, "A lot of people have been asking if I am pregnant. I haven’t address this head on yet. I want to first start off by saying, thank you so much for your support and love. With heavy hearts we have to announce sad news. Last Monday we did end up losing our baby. We are heart broken and focusing on healing.

I want to apologize for not telling anyone sooner. But we needed this time to heal as a family. A lot of people go through this,and we feel for so many people and wish everyone who has suffered through this same situation happiness and healing. We are healing and doing better, and want to thank everyone for your support during this very difficult time."

She also shared a photo of her sonogram.

The second season premieres this month.


A post shared by Deavan Clegg | Reality Tv (@deavanclegg) on Apr 16, 2020 at 5:19pm PDT

Fans are ready to catch up with the couple when the new season premieres on June 8. The couple appear to have gotten married at some point, but recently, have also been the subject of separation rumors. 

The speculation began when fans found out that Clegg had returned to the U.S. with her kids, but without Lee. However, she claimed that the point of the move back was “personal reasons that have to do with my family.”

But the couple seem to have other issues weighing them down as well. Lee reportedly has a criminal record, which includes theft, fraud, and smuggling stolen items into South Korea. He was hoping to make money by selling these items. 

He also never informed Clegg that they would be living with his parents after they moved to South Korea. One of the main arguments the couple will have this season will be over money.

Clegg says to the cameras, “Jihoon doesn’t support us financially. I’m going to step up and start providing for this family. Jihoon really just needs to grow up and get his s**t together.”

In order to find out what will happen with this couple, fans will have to tune into the new season that's starting soon.

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