'Million Dollar Listing LA': Who Is Josh Flagg's Husband Bobby Boyd?

Flagg proposed with a flash mob.

'Million Dollar Listing LA': Who Is Josh Flagg's Husband Bobby Boyd? kathy hutchins / shutterstock

Fans of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing LA have gotten used to Josh Flagg's over-the-top style of selling houses as well as his taste for the finest things in life. So it was no surprise when he proposed his then-boyfriend Bobby Boyd with a 40-person flash mob at the Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris back in 2016. 

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Since then, the couple has gotten married and is now living a glamourous life filled with travel, socializing, real estate, and even some charity work. Fans will get a chance to catch up with them in season 12 of Million Dollar Listing LA, which is airing now on Bravo.

Who is Josh Flagg's husband Bobby Boyd?

Boyd is from California.

Boyd is a Californian, though he's from outside of San Francisco originally, not L.A. He talks about his parents fondly, though he hints  there were problems in his childhood, though he doesn't go into details. "While I won’t spill all the tea," he writes on his website, "my childhood home was a place where I was provided for and taken care of, but it was shrouded in a darker side that also involved drugs and violence." 


He goes on to explain that his peers were more well off-than he was, which gave him his first glimpses into the world of expensive homes. Between that and his mother's love of style and clothing, he fell in love with both real estate and fashion.

He was a model before he started selling real estate.

Boyd wanted to go to college but he knew that tuition would be unaffordable for his family. He decided that modeling would be a way to earn money to save for college. He was only 14 when he went to an open casting call but even then his good looks caught the eyes of agents and he started booking gigs right away. "I was working for designers I could never afford. It was a dream come true. I was lucky to have some fantastic agents who took a chance on me as an up-and-coming talent," he recalled.

Taking a chance on a newbie really was what the agents did. Boyd describes his first shoot as a near disaster. He had no experience and apparently, no one had told him what exactly models do once the cameras start clicking. He got ready to go and didn't know what to do. "I was frozen! It was like I had stage fright and forgot my lines," he says. "I had no idea that models actually had to pose and come up with stances to sell the shot. I was pretty naive. Eventually, I got the hang of it and started booking gigs with major photographers once I moved to LA when I turned twenty."



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Boyd may not model anymore but he could if he wanted to. 

He turned to real estate while he was still modeling.

Boyd knew that modeling wasn't a lifelong vocation for him and started looking elsewhere. He took a corporate job but that wasn't the right fit for him either, however, it taught him that he loved sales. He started networking and got a foot in the door of the real estate world. He says his first sale was a $6.5 million dollar home. Since then, he has built a career as a successful agent and that's how he met his husband. 


Boyd and Flagg got together after Flagg split from his former boyfriend.

Flagg and Boyd knew of each other from professional circles but hadn't spent any time together before they met in 2016. That may have been because Flagg had been in a long-term relationship with Colton Thorn. The men had been together for years and fans saw them buy a home and plan for their future as recently as season 8 of Million Dollar Listing. However, by season 9, they were no longer together and they never publically explained what happened. Thorn now works as a designer and posts gorgeous photos of his work on Instagram

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Boyd made the first move.


Flagg tells reporters that he and Boyd got together after a flirtatious exchange at a nightclub. “He said to me, ‘Hi, handsome,'” Flagg recalls. “No one ever said that to me but my maybe mother or grandmother.” From there, they started a whirlwind romance that culminated in an incredibly romantic proposal in Paris. Flagg arranged for a flash mob to perform a dance to some of Boyd's favorite music and then he dropped to one knee and proposed right there. They got married in 2017. 



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Boyd and Flagg got engaged in Paris. 


They are totally "marriage goals."

Boyd recently shared a reflective piece on his blog about what it's like being married to Flagg. "In a word — exhausting," he joked at the beginning. The post went on to describe the whirlwind of travel and socializing that Flagg enjoys but he also talked about the way Flagg's energy and ambition challenge him to do better himself. Both of them are committed to making their marriage the best it can be, as well. "We actually invested in going to therapy — not because we had problems," Boyd wrote, "But because we are both a little Type-A and wanted to learn how to best work out our compromises by putting the other person’s feelings first. It has made us so much stronger as a couple, but we are still always learning."

Flagg and Boyd on a boat in France. 


They like to give back as a couple.

Both Flagg and Boyd care about giving back to their community, including being role models for younger LGBTQ+ folks. They recently announced they would donate all their real estate commissions from July to charity.  “Brokers, we make a lot of money so I thought let’s do something nice for healthcare workers or anyone that really needs it, people are going through a hard time so why not?” Flagg said. They'll donate the money to the charity of the client's choice.

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