What Is Green Tourmaline?

Green tourmaline heals your energy blocks and it's so good to use!

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Green tourmaline is a beautiful crystal that makes a most meaningful gift because of all its healing properties, benefits, and uses.

Green tourmaline is of the most spiritual of all gemstones and used in energy work.

Green tourmaline is also known as Verdelite, and users it is well-known for its healing powers and protective properties.

What is the meaning of green tourmaline?

Green is the color of fertility, and tourmaline means 'receptive stone'.


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Green tourmaline has many uses, both physical and emotional.

Spiritually, its healing energies are unmatched and promote all-around good health and balance.

This article dives into the history of tourmaline’s preciousness, with ties to the Egyptians, Romans, and Dutch, to name a few.


From there, green tourmaline has been known to give specific benefits that are frequently used today.

For example, its physical healing properties have been used to aid in cancer treatment, reduce effects of claustrophobia, panic attacks, and motion sickness.

Emotionally, green tourmaline aims to get rid of negativity and increase gratitude, compassion, and mindfulness.

Anyone can use the influence of this stone to enhance their life.

Just like other gems, green tourmaline carries a unique spiritual meaning.

Spiritual meaning of green tourmaline

Green tourmaline is used for seeking.

This means it aims to align the natural energy of the crystal with the natural power of the human.


When you use this stone, you can expect to find success, good health, and a sense of renewal.

Green tourmaline healing benefits

Anyone can use the healing energies of green tourmaline.

If you are born in the heart of spring (April 20-May 20), green tourmaline is your natural birthstone.

Green tourmaline and astrology

Tourmaline is representative of the Libra zodiac sign.

Due to their motivation for balance, this stone goes according to the Libra’s ambitions.

It points, directs, and compassess.

Green tourmaline money and success attraction

Therefore, green tourmaline is best used by scientists, adventurers, hunters, wanderers, and explorers.

It’s clear that green tourmaline promotes powerful energy in many aspects of life.


However and whenever you feel it best to surround yourself with this precious gem is up to you.

It could be beneficial in your workplace, where you eat, or where you relax at the end of a long day.

Meaning of green tourmaline's healing properties

Green is spiritually symbolic of prosperity.

Due to its green color, this crystal exudes high energy levels.

It represents stamina and attracts luck, success, abundance, and prosperity.

Green tourmaline heals plants and helps gardens flourish.

This is similar to its effect on people and enhances emotional and physical growth in more ways than one.

Green tourmaline helps with circulation.

Physically, this stone is known for relieving chronic fatigue and exhaustion.


It can improve proper cellular function and regeneration and has been used in aiding cancer treatment.

Green tourmaline is a natural detoxifier and for the nervous system.

Green tourmaline is used by energy workers to strengthen the eyes, thymus, ductless glands and the immune system.

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Green tourmaline and chakra work

Its healing energy has ties to reducing claustrophobia, panic attacks, and motion sickness.

This stone is also connected to the vibrational healing of the heart which is closely related to the Heart Chakra, located near the center of the breastbone.

As a result, tourmaline is useful in balancing mental processes into alignment with the chakras and auric body.


The Heart Chakra regulates how we interact with external factors and decide on what we can and cannot control.

This is where the power of balance comes in.

When there is lack of or too much control in our lives, we may have strong emotional responses that are not warranted.

As a way to re-balance the Heart Chakra, some use green tourmaline to help understand needs and emotions.

It can inspire you to handle situations that arise and accept change within your life.

There are other ways that this crystal can be used for emotional development.

Green tourmaline and spiritual gratitude

The emotional growth that green tourmaline promotes is focused on expression, fearlessness, compassion, and patience.


By surrounding yourself with this influential gem, you will feel more alive and in-tune with your emotions.

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Since the nervous system is strengthened by green tourmaline, there is more energy that is able to be used by the Spirit force.

Higher levels of awareness can be maintained and the holes in the aura that lead to negativity are sealed.

Altogether, there is optimal balance between the mind and body because of green tourmaline’s power.


Green tourmaline is considered the “growth crystal” because of its beautiful color.

It can help you stay on course for a project or task you’re working on.

No matter the phase in your life, this stone may influence your physical and emotional health.

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Green tourmaline in ancient history

Many ancient cultures found their own legends and uses for green tourmaline.

The Egyptians believed that tourmaline came from the center of the Earth and in passing over a rainbow, took with it all the colors.

In ancient times, the Romans used these stones as relaxing properties for things such as restful sleep and calming the mind and body.


Those from India saw tourmaline as a directional tool.

The healing power and protection of tourmaline was first brought to life by the shaman of the African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes.

Dutch traders brought tourmaline to Europe in the 1700s and discovered that it was able to attract and repel hot ashes from burning coals.

That being said, they began to use the stones to pull ashes from their pipes.

Tourmaline’s magnetic powers are still used in today’s industry for electrical circuits, television conduction and radio frequencies.

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