Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

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Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

Horses represent a driving force that feeds off courage and strives for freedom. There is no animal that possesses such power and stamina as the horse.

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Horses were not always used as someone's pet or farm animal. In ancient times, horses roamed free and wild.

Now man has domesticated and used horses for practical purposes. Horses are thought of riding animals or used in service, gaming, outside work, and pleasure riding.

With these changes came a certain level of tameness. However, a horse's desire is to roam and be free of constraint.

The spiritual meaning of horses centers around this contradiction — they are tame but still wild.

If you’ve ever been told that your spirit animal is a horse, your personality is probably like this.

Perhaps you feel that society or other pressures keep you constricted but deep inside you have an innate desire to be free.

Horse Spirit Animal Meaning & Symbolism

Horses represent this sort of balance between both sides of the spectrum.

Their ability to overcome obstacles (literally and figuratively) also plays into their significance.

Hardworking and strong, horses climb tough roads.

Typically, horses also have a rider on their back signifying heavyweight that must be carried throughout life.

This speaks to the spiritual meaning of courage amidst adversity.

Anyone who is compared to a horse is believed to have the same bravery and strength.

Capable of overcoming the odds and persevering to achieve the goal in mind, horses prove their worth over and over again.

They are also unafraid to make quick decisions about the direction in which they’re going.

Life is a journey and the spiritual significance of horses reminds us of that.

It’s okay to change course and let your mind, body, and spirit be free of all that you want to leave behind.

Horses represent a healthy part of ourselves that lets us escape from reality.

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All in all, horses teach us many things from a spiritual and symbolic standpoint.

They are beautiful animals that respond well to training, yet have a desire to be free.

Their courage and level of trust is something to be admired.

Whenever you come across a horse, whether in a dream or real life, pay attention to its attitude and strength.

There’s a lot we can learn from horses and their spiritual meanings.

What does a brown horse symbolize?

A brown-colored horse acts as a symbol of abundance.

It reminds us to rid ourselves of materialistic things and trust that we will always be provided with what we need.

What does a gray horse symbolize?

Gray horses tend to symbolize the silver lining in life’s troubles.

Throughout even the worst moments, it’s important to see the gray horse as a reminder that conflict will be resolved in the end.

What does a black horse symbolize?

The black horse symbolizes death because of its dark color.

However, it speaks to the essence of rebirth and promises a new beginning.

It is both a positive and negative omen to the loss and death of life — when one door closes, another will open.

What does a white horse symbolize?

White horses are considered to be masters of knowledge and faith.

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They symbolize spiritual progress and controlling emotions.

For many, the white horse is a symbol of hope and reminds us of the vision we want to one day possess.

What does a spotted horse symbolize?

A black and white spotted horse, on the other hand, signifies the balance of life.

We need both the good (white) and bad (black) to fully appreciate all that we have.

There’s also a difference between male and female horses.

Male horses who have not been castrated are referred to as stallions.

On the contrary, female horses are known as mares.

Similar to the difference between male and female humans, stallions tend to be stronger because of their testosterone levels.

These are usually the horses that are found in competitive horse racing.

What does a stallion symbolize?

As a result, stallions symbolize endurance, victory, and focus.

What does a mare symbolize?

Mares can be ridden but they are typically used in more relaxed settings.

That said, mares symbolize sensitivity, carefulness, and reverence.

Horses possess many symbols throughout history and in today’s society.

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Horses in Native American culture

For example, Native American tribes were considered to be more powerful if they had many horses.

Typically, they would win more battles and find territorial growth with the help of horses.

Native Americans would see horses as symbolizing their victory and power.

Horses in Roman culture

The Romans, on the other hand, believed horses to be a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Horses can be seen pulling the chariot of Helios, the sun god.

It’s also well-known that horses stand together in a group when there is an oncoming storm.

That said, horses symbolize the need for others to stay protected and get through the hardest of times.

Horses in film

This symbol is further brought out in the 2003 film, Seabiscuit.

Based loosely on true events, this movie follows the underdog story of an undersized thoroughbred rising to the top of horse racing charts during the Great Depression.

It was not until his jockey, Red Pollard, came along that Seabiscuit found his full potential.

In this film, the horse is used to symbolize the importance of determination, connection, and setbacks.

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Horses and literature

There are also some metaphors and phrases that capitalize on the symbolism of horses.

For instance, the expression ‘hold your horses’ comes from the 1800s.

During this time in the United States, horses were the main form of transportation so if the stagecoach was asked to hold his horses it would imply being patient or waiting.

Another common metaphor for horses is that of something being straight from the horse's mouth.

While at the horse races, it's smart to get some advice on the horse you’re betting on.

So, you might look to the trainer, jockey, or groomer to get information on the horse’s form and skill.

This bit of information is said to come straight from the horse’s mouth since they know the horse best.

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