What Does The Color Black Mean?

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What Does The Color Black Mean?

The color black means slenderness, power and poise. Black is the color of funerals and in religion, it's the color of sin.

What does the color black mean?

The color black is the world's most popular car color. Black is the clothing color of the clergy.

Black colors are worn by food service personnel, hair stylists, creatives, and anyone who wants to look timeless and classy.

The color black means many things according to color psychology, literature, and even spirituality.

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The color black is a symbol of both the highest and lowest experiences in life. When someone dies black is worn for mourning. When someone is a judge, they wear black to symbolize the law.

The color black means:

  • resilience
  • power
  • control
  • refinement
  • evil
  • death and rebirth
  • lack
  • emptiness
  • the unconscious mind
  • what's hidden

The color black has both negative and positive attributes and meanings.

Black absorbs all colors which create an absence of light.

Black is a taker — something that is cruel and potentially violent.

But black color also speaks to a higher level of power and strength. Black is the conservator of energy.

Here's what the color black means:

Spiritually, the color black means mystery.

Black absorbs all colors.

Black would not exist without other colors. You can’t have black without white.

Black symbolizes evil and bad luck. Black is the opposite of white, which symbolizes good.

The color black means authority

Due to the formal authority black seems to hold, one can’t help but respect it.

Similar to how we react to bad situations in life, black is an accepted part of society.

We might possibly fear it, but it’s an inevitable color that will always be seen.

In many countries, black colors represents mourning, death, and sadness.

Generally speaking, if you are attending a funeral you will probably wear something that is black.

Its serious nature and revered status are used in times of heartache to display appropriate support.

When it comes to events that require formal attire, black is always the go-to color.

Have you ever heard that an event is black-tie formal?

If so, it’s important to recognize that this means you must dress with elegance and class.

The color black symbolizes power

The authority of black is never questioned and it makes way for sophistication to be shown.

People of high-status will often wear black to symbolize their power.

It can also be worn to assert confidence and exude classic style.

For example, Audrey Hepburn is known for coining the term “little black dress” in her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

While she appeared to be sophisticated, it also showed a sexy side to her, speaking to the multi-faceted symbol of the color black.

It’s ironic that black could depict both elegance and sex at the same time.

Nonetheless, every lingerie store will have a section of all black.

Although it implies authority and control, it can also suggest submission to your partner.

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The color black means emotions

Commonly worn by teenagers, black is representative of their transition stage.

Whether you remember wearing black in your teenage years or not, you can’t forget the feeling of trying to discover who you are.

During this stage of life, teens are maneuvering from childhood to adulthood.

As a result, black allows them to hide from the world.

They may also see black as a rebellious color that has no bounds.

Too much black often evokes feelings of depression and sadness with its dark atmosphere.

However, when paired with other colors it can be a well-grounded expression of emotion.

All in all, black provides comfort and protection.

Many people know that wearing black can make you appear thinner than you are.

Similar to its representation for teenagers, black is able to hide your weight.

There are many who believe wearing black boosts your confidence.

In other cases, black symbolizes the need for fulfillment in various aspects of your life.

For some, black is their favorite color.

These people are said to be conventional, conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or very dignified.”

Color Psychology explores the possible personality traits of people who like black.

It is believed that you may be holding things inside, not allowing yourself to find joy in life, looking for protection from the negativity around you, or wish to create a sense of mystery.

This isn’t to say that having black as your favorite color means there’s something wrong with you.

As a matter of fact, it speaks to your priorities in life — comfort, dignity, and stability — all of which are meanings of black.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize when you begin to have a pessimistic outlook due to being surrounded by so much black.

Black symbolizes popular culture.

Johnny Cash’s song, Man in Black, provides an explanation for why he is always seen wearing black.

Considered to be a protest song, the lyrics state, “I wear the black for the poor and beaten down.”

Here, black is symbolic of mourning society’s inequality.

In literature, black can symbolize or foreshadow the coming of evil.

For example, Edgar Allen Poe’s uses a blackbird to symbolize death in “The Raven.”

Athletic shoe and apparel company, Nike, is best known for its black swoosh logo.

Paired with the phrase, “just do it,” black portrays strength and discipline, making every workout seem a little easier.

As you can see, there are many representations of black that are seen in today’s society.

It is It’s important to know how the colors you surround yourself with make you feel and what they say about you. Wearing a lot of black might tell others that you are hiding from something.

However you feel about this color, its vibrance cannot be avoided.

It’s safe to assume that everyone will be impacted by the various meanings of black at least once in their life.

Whether you’re required to wear a black dress to a formal event or a funeral, you will be radiating the appropriate significance of the color.

I’m starting to think that whoever said orange is the new black was seriously disturbed (hope you enjoyed that Legally Blonde reference).

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