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Who Is Kelis' Husband, Mike Mora? Couple Expecting Baby #3

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Who is Kelis' Husband, Mike Mora? Couple Expecting Baby #3

Kelis and her husband Mike Mora are going to be welcoming a new baby in the coming months. The singer and Mora, who is a professional photographer, are already parents to Shepherd and they are raising Kelis' son Knight from her first marriage to Nas. Neither Kelis nor Mora has let slip if the baby is a girl or boy yet and we don't know exactly when the new bundle of joy will arrive. 

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Mora married the Milkshake singer about six years ago and the couple now lives together on a farm about two hours outside of Los Angeles, where they're raising their kids and indulging in a shared love of food. Kelis has taken to cooking it and sharing tutorials whereas Mora takes picture of everything from roasted chicken to freshly picked cabbage.

Who is Kelis' husband, Mike Mora?

Mike Mora is very private.

Sine Mora isn't a celebrity, he's kept the details of his early life out of the spotlight. In fact, he kept one of the most significant days of his adult life out of the spotlight as well: namely, his wedding day. Mora and Kelis got married secretly in 2014 but no one knew they had tied the knot until a few months later after their son Shepherd was born in 2015. At the time, people knew they were dating and the pregnancy was public knowledge but they kept the marriage details to themselves. 

This will be Mora's second biological child.

Mora and Kelis have a five-year-old son together already. In addition, Mora has stepped in to raise Kelis' son Knight from her first marriage to singer Nas, who was born in 2009. That relationship ended while Kelis was pregnant and she alleged that Nas abused her. Nas and Kelis have battled over custody of their son for years. Despite the contentious relationship that Knight's biological parents have, Mora has been a consistent presence in his life since at least 2014. In a rare Instagram photo of the kids with Mora, Kelis praised the way he parents the two young boys. 


A post shared by Kelis (@kelis) on Jun 17, 2018 at 3:50pm PDT

Mora and the two kids. 

Mike Mora hasn't spilled any details about the new baby.

Kelis shared the happy news about their upcoming baby on her Instagram page but her hubby is keeping quiet. Neither of them are talking about due date, gender reveals, or potential names for the new addition. 

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Mora used to work in real estate. 

When Mora was first dating Kelis, reports said that he was a real state agent. No traces of that career show up online anymore for the 41-year-old Mora. He has seemingly moved on to other pursuits.

Mike Mora's big interest now is photography. 

These days, Mora is an art photographer who specialized in portraits, travel photos, and pictures of food. His food pics aren't Instagram-cliche shots of perfectly-plated meals, however. He specializes in dramatically-lit photos of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as super close-up shots of cooked food and even some gorgeous arrays of cooking utensils.

His interest in food as a subject of art could be inspired by his wife. In addition to being a Grammy nominee, Kelis is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who frequently posts her own photos of food she's been cooking in her kitchen. 


A post shared by Mike Mora (@mikemorafotos) on Oct 21, 2018 at 11:21am PDT

A Mike Mora photo of a peach. 

Kelis' food pictures might also be products of the family's own farm. 

Mora and Kelis live on a farm a few hours outside of Los Angeles. That could be partly because they value their privacy as a family but it has something to di with how much Kelis dislikes living in LA. "I hate LA. I was only ever there for work," Kelis explained to reporters. "Because it's not like New York or London, there's nowhere to go after 10 at night, so suddenly you're getting up early in the mornings and you're juicing and you're hiking and figuring out how much wheatgrass can you actually intake. So I thought, if I'm going to be in California, I should be where I can appreciate how beautiful it really is, not stuck in LA and pretending it's a city that's fun." Having a farm is probably also helpful for her cooking and Mora's photography. 

Many congratulations to the entire, growing family!

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