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Is Nicki Minaj Having A Boy Or Girl? Watch The Baby Clothes Video That Has Fans Stumped

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj made headlines around the world when she announced that she was pregnant with her and husband Kenneth Petty’s first child on July 20.

Since her gorgeous pregnancy announcement, fans have been wondering whether Nicki Minaj is going to have a boy or girl, and a video of some baby clothes that were gifted to Nicki has Twitter users completely stumped about the sex of her baby.

Is Nicki Minaj having a boy or girl?

To be honest, it’s hard to tell.

In a video Nicki Minaj posted to her Instagram stories, the 10-time Grammy Award nominee showed off some baby clothes that were gifted to her by Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci.

Watch this confusing baby clothes video Minaj shared in her Instagram story to see for yourself:

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The short video shows two adorable onesies. One is in the iconic Burberry plaid pattern that’s synonymous with the brand and seems more “masculine,” and the other features a vertical striped pattern in muted pastel colors, which seems more “feminine.”

A cute teddy bear, which also features the iconic plaid pattern, was also included in the baby care package.

What are fans saying about the sex of Nicki Minaj’s baby?

Based on the clothes in the video, fans are completely torn about whether Nicki Minaj is having a boy or a girl. “Those are boy clothes,” one Twitter user stated, while another wrote, “This looks like clothes for a baby girl!”

Another Twitter user was ready to go straight to the source, writing, “I am literally contacting Burberry support for the gender.”

And one fan was so eager to find out whether Nicki is going to have a boy or girl that she offered to strike a deal with the “Bang Bang” rapper.

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“If we get this song to go top three you have to drop the gender of the baby litetally [sic] the same day the charts come out.. deal ?” the Twitter user pleaded.

It’s important to note that while fans are speculating about the sex of Nicki’s baby, she may not even know if she’s having a boy or girl — hence the unisex clothes she was gifted.

When is Nicki Minaj’s baby due?

While Nicki Minaj’s actual due date remains a mystery, rumors about her pregnancy started swirling back in February of 2020 after the rapper posted a video on her Instagram.

In the video, her hubby Kenneth Petty is seen rubbing her stomach, saying, “On our way to Trinidad with your dad.”

Naturally, fans lost their cool, and many didn’t beat around the bush when it came to picking apart the video and why she posted it.

When one Instagram user asked if she was “pregnant or not,” the 37-year-old The Other Woman actress played coy, responding with, "Why I feel like I'm about to get a beating? Y'all swear y'all my mother chile. I'm pregnant with so many ideas for this album. It'll be my best."

It’s clear now that fans’ suspicions about her pregnancy were correct, and only time will tell whether Nicki Minaj’s fans’ predictions about the sex of her baby are correct, too.

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