New Names Of People In Ghislaine Maxwell Documents And Black Book

It sounds like a lot of men have ties to the alleged sex trafficker.

New Names Of People In Ghislaine Maxwell Documents And Black Book Getty

So much has happened since Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest earlier this month, and now, we have more details about the sex trafficking operation that she allegedly was involved in with Jeffrey Epstein — and the other people who may have been involved. 

This week, a judge released previously sealed court documents related to a past defamation lawsuit involving Maxwell, and in the depositions that have been included in the paperwork, the names of several different men have come up. While we were already aware of the accusations against Prince Andrew and former president Bill Clinton, the names of others in the depositions are pretty unfamiliar to many people, though this isn't the first time many of them have been implicated in these crimes. 


Here are new names of people in Ghislaine Maxwell documents and black book: 

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People on Twitter have been combing through the documents. 

There's a lot to take In from these depositions (there are 47 documents in total), but one of the biggest takeaways is the fact that, though some information was redacted, there are some new names of men who may have been involved in Epstein's operation ... and this could help get to the bottom of what actually happened and how Maxwell was involved.


Marvin Minsky is a scientist.

In the documents, Minsky, a former professor at MIT, is accused of being one of the men who visited Epstein's home in the US Virgin Islands, and that he allegedly had sex with a minor. Though he died in 2016, Minsky's involvement with Epstein has been made public since at least 2019, when Virginia Giuffre named him as one of the men she was directed to have sex with in her deposition. 

Bill Richardson is a former governor of New Mexico. 

Giuffre also named Richardson in her deposition, though his rep denied the claims last year, saying that Richardson had never been to Epstein's home in the Virgin Islands and that he had never met Giuffre. Though 72-year-old Richardson is best known for his political career, he's also an author and a public speaker. 

Glenn Dubin is a billionaire and hedge fund investor. 

Dubin, a hedge fund manager, wasn't just friends with Epstein personally — they were business associates, as well. Giuffre claimed that Dubin was the first man that Maxwell had her have sex with after her "training" was complete, though she is certainly not the only minor who Dubin has been accused of sleeping with.

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Jean-Luc Brunel is a modeling scout. 

Brunel and Epstein also had business ties; Epstein funded his modeling agency, MC2 Model Management. Multiple models have accused Brunel of sexual assault, including Giuffre, who said in her deposition that she was forced to have sex with him on multiple occasions. 

Stephen Kauffmann is a hotel chain owner.

Not much is known about Kauffmann, who has somehow managed to lay low in all of this, but he has also been accused of having sex with Giuffre, at which point he was described as a "large hotel chain owner." Giuffre also said he was one of the first men she was sent to in her deposition.

As the investigation continues, an untold number of details will continue to come out about Epstein, Maxwell, and the men who were involved in their operation. Hopefully, this will lead to more answers — and overdue justice for their victims. 


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