Who Is Kenneth "Zoo" Petty? 6 Details About Nicki Minaj's Husband Who Just Registered As Sex Offender In California

Her Barbz think he's bad news.

Who Is Kenneth "Zoo" Petty? 6 Details About Nicki Minaj's Husband Who Just Registered As Sex Offender In California getty

Update: Nicki Minaj announced on Instagram that she and Kenneth "Zoo Petty" married on October 21st. She captioned the Insta video, which features matching Mr. and Mrs. coffee cups and baseball capts with her new name "Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty." So ... who is Nicki Minaj's husband? Let's go back to the beginning...




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Nicki Minaj's mystery man has been identified and fans aren't sure he's good for her.


The rapper's rumored boyfriend is named Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, according to Bossip, although their relationship is simply speculation.

Kenneth was first given a spot on Nicki's Instagram near the end of November when the alleged couple debuted. The pair made headlines with engagement rumors, as Nicki showed off a huge ring on THAT finger in a Nov. 25 picture with her unknown boo. 

This month, however, Kenneth has been seen with the "Barbie Dreams" singer a few times already, adding to the rumors.


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Nicki most recently posted a photo with Kenneth on Sunday but he's been in the background of many of her videos from her birthday vacation. In one video, the two are jet skiing together and in another, Nicki is leaning on Kenneth while talking to her followers.

Nicki has not confirmed their relationship but her social media hints they are romantically involved.

Now that her rumored boyfriend has been named, who is Kenneth "Zoo" Petty? 

1. He's a registered sex offender.



Kenneth's criminal past is lengthy and one major conviction has Nicki's fans worried. 

Her rumored beau was convicted of attempted rape involving a 16-year-old girl in 1995. He is a level two registered sex offender in the state of New York, which means there is a moderate risk he will repeat the offense and must be registered as a sex offender for life.

Kenneth has been arrested multiple times over the years, as there are nearly a dozen arrests available to the public.

2. He's older than Nicki.



According to the New York sex offender registry, Kenneth is 40 years old, just four years Nicki's senior. It also mentions that he is 5'9, a good seven inches taller than Nicki, who is 5'2.

3. He doesn't have a social media account.

Nicki took to Twitter and her Instagram story to tell fans not to follow an account under Kenneth's name because he does not have social media. Therefore, any accounts with his name are fake.


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4. He has five kids.


Kenneth is reportedly a father of five, although his children's ages and mother(s) are unknown. 

5. He lives in Queens.



Kenneth lives in an area Nicki's extremely familiar with. The rapper's possible boyfriend lives in Queens, which is where Nicki grew up and often mentions as her home. They seem to have spent Thanksgiving in the area together, according to Nicki's Instagram.

6. The Barbz think he is bad news.

Nicki's loyal followers — also known as Barbz have her back and are worried she is messing with a man who is not right for her. The Barbz have made it clear they think Nicki deserves better and should drop Kenneth right away. 


7. He recently registered as a sex offender in California. 

After his arrest for failing to register as a sex offender, Petty turned himself into federal custody and is now officially registered as a sex offender with a new mugshot. His offense, which is listed as "attempted rape by force or fear" is now publicly available on California's Department of Justice database.

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